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Her Soul Intention is your space for self-discovery, inner and outer self-healing and a place to ignite the divine feminine within you, so that you can experience more inner-freedom, love yourself unconditionally and be reminded of why you came to this Earth.

What is Her Soul Intention?

Her soul intention is to serve the purpose that she’s here for. Her desire is to understand life from a different perspective than she’s been conditioned to believe, healing her inner wounds, and learning to set boundaries with the people around her. She learns to stop people pleasing at the sake of her own happiness. She strives to feel comfortable in her own skin, learning valuable lessons along the way. She operates based on her unconditional love for herself and not the judgements or opinions of others. She realizes that she can’t love others fully if she does not fully love herself first. She believes in herself and allows her intuition to fully guide her through life. And most importantly, she knows who she is at a soul level, why she’s here, and she operates from that person. She’s comfortable with being different and does not concern herself with what other people think of her for being her true self. Peace and happiness are her soul intention, and she continuously makes choices to fulfill her purpose here.


This is the woman that I want to help you become.

Hi! I am Rachel Devine, the mentor, teacher, and voice behind Her Soul Intention. I provide women with the support, guidance and the tools they need for inner and outer self-healing.

I have been through my own transformational healing journey over the past few years, and am now here to guide each woman that I work with to discover her soul intention. Everything you just read above about what her soul intention is, is all of the intentions that I work hard on daily. Healing myself, my past trauma and stuck emotions, my limiting beliefs, self-doubt and wounding has helped me learn to love myself unconditionally and in turn, become a much better person to myself and those around me. I now use my own experiences and holistic tools to guide you through your own transformation process, to help you turn off your mind and drop back into your body, to help you heal yourself, connect you with your intuition and be guided by it, activate more love, and discover your true potential and purpose.

Our bodies are born knowing how to heal all on their own, but our society, modern day lifestyles and experiences don’t always allow for this to happen as it’s biologically meant to. Because of this, we all need support along the way. Women heal best in communities, supporting and loving one another, and that’s exactly what I have worked to create through Her Soul Intention.

My Offerings

Breathwork, in particular, has been extremely helpful for me, as well as understanding the balance between my feminine and masculine energies. Working on my femininity and understanding the important of that energy within me has also been very healing. Because these two modalities have been so transformative, they’re the main two that you’ll see as offerings on my website.

For more intense inner-work, like understanding past trauma, emotional healing and the nervous system, I also offer 1-to-1 inner-healing sessions where my teachings may also include inner-child work, holistic lifestyle and diet, the mind-body connection and mindset, nervous system support, stress-management, guided meditations, visualizations and journalling, intuitive movement for emotional release, and embodiment to get you out of your head and back into your body.

The Mind-Body Connection
Your mind and body have a very important, often ignored, connection. How you treat your mind will affect your body, and how you treat your body will affect your mind.

The nervous system is the controller of the body. It’s the main switch board in the body that determines if you heal or get sick. When the nervous system is balanced and healthy, every other system in the body will follow into balance. But when the nervous system is out of balance, you’ll end up with a whole lot of unexplainable symptoms that continue to get worse, eventually leading to illness and disease if left imbalanced.

Your nervous system, which is very much affected by your past trauma, emotional experiences, and how you perceive the world, is the most important system in your body. When it is imbalanced, you’ll live, without even knowing it, dominantly in your sympathetic nervous system, also known as “fight or flight”. In this state:

  • digestive and liver enzyme production decrease
  • the immune system and lymphatic system become compromised
  • breathing becomes short and shallow
  • heart rate and blood pressure rise
  • collagen and elastin breakdown
  • the list goes on and the body begins to age and breakdown

And then a domino effect occurs: digestion weakens, hormones go out of balance, and we slowly, or in some extreme cases, quickly, get sick.

Doctors often suppress these symptoms with medications. Many natural practitioners will often treat the gut or hormones first, but what most practitioners are missing is the vital connection between the mind and body when it comes to our health.

There are a lot of great tools that we can use to help balance the nervous system, like breathwork, vagus nerve stimulation, and meditation, but it’s also vital that we work on emotional healing, by dealing with past trauma, and learning to release that trauma, as well as stuck emotions and energetic blockages.

Breathwork, in particular, can be extremely helpful, but inner-work, is often required. I offer 1-to-1 inner-healing sessions where my teachings may include inner-child work, holistic lifestyle and diet, the mind-body connection and mindset, nervous system support, stress-management, guided meditations, visualizations and journalling, intuitive movement for emotional release, and embodiment to get you out of your head and back into your body.

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Holistic Skin Health
My career began as an aesthetician, which quickly lead me to the field of holistic skin care. I take an entirely different approach to skin health.

For years, I worked in the beauty industry, but never once felt like I fit into this industry. For far too long, the beauty industry has taught us that skin health is external, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The conventional beauty industry forces the skin to act in unnatural ways, often causing skin sensitivities, inflammation and premature aging. The skin conditions that we see today are very much a reflection of our modern day lifestyles and emotional health.

My focus in topical skin care is on resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes, while encouraging your delicate skin to function on its own as it’s meant to. I take a very holistic approach to the skin, meaning that I treat the skin from a whole body approach. This means that while treating the skin externally with minimalist, skin-respecting ingredients, I can also teach you:

  • how understand your skin from the inside-out so that you understand exactly what your skin needs for improved skin health
  • how to take care of your nervous system and lymphatic system, which are the two most important systems for skin health
  • to understand how your stress levels, emotional health, and past trauma impact your skin health
  • how to avoid all of the trendy anti-aging fads and treatments, and age gracefully, naturally

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Breathwork is an active meditation that enables us to drop out of our active, critical mind and back into the body. This technique is an effective tool to release stagnant energy and stuck emotions and past trauma for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It allows us to let go of what no longer serves us, while connecting us to our intuitive, higher self.

Breathwork can be helpful for:

  • embodiment
  • stress and anxiety
  • dealing with grief
  • connecting to yourself and increasing self love
  • connecting to your higher self and intuition
  • increasing creativity
  • getting clear visions on which direction to take in your life
  • healing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually

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The Embodied Feminine
Back in tribal days, women understood the power of our intense, beautiful feminine energy. They knew the importance and the power of harnessing their inner wisdom. It was the women that held the roots of the tribe together. They prepared food. They took care of their children. They listened to each other and shared stories. They created things with their hands. These tribal women shared a very sacred bond to each other, to the earth and to the moon cycle.

But because we have become so caught up in the material world, in competition, achievement and success, our hormones and our psych are no longer able find equilibrium between the masculine and feminine roles that we played for centuries, so we have become deeply out of balance. We’ve become stressed. We’ve become unhappy. And because of this, we’ve developed many health problems, especially in relation to our hormones and menstrual cycles.

Women, when we’re able to reconnect with our soul’s essence, are magnetic. We are gentle and soft in a way that allows us to carry great inner strength and power. We are grounded and connected to ourselves, the Earth and the universe. Women are the manifestation of the life-force energy and we are here, right now in this moment, to heal ourselves and those around us.

It is time for us to reconnect with our feminine roots.

When Your Feminine Energy is Empowered:

  • Your intuition guides you through life gracefully and is the only strategy you’ll need to follow
  • You don’t let external circumstances heavily influence your feelings or decisions
  • You are comfortable in your own skin, take optimal care of yourself and embrace your sensuality
  • The health and quality of your relationships are your priority
  • You won’t let anyone drain your energy because you deeply know your self worth
  • You trust life because you trust yourself

So, how do we become more feminine in a world that encourages us to suppress our natural roots?

I created the Embodied Feminine Experience to help you rediscover the feminine within you. Women heal best in small, close communities, being vulnerable with other like-minded women, supporting each other, and encouraging each other. This 90 Experience will be offered in small, intimate groups each month, virtually, so no matter where you are in the world, you can join us. This fun, relaxing experience will allow you to turn off your mind and drop back into your body so that you can be present with yourself, reflect and become more aware of your needs.

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