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Resetting Your Skin's Natural Processes

Our focus in organic skin care is on resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes, while encouraging your delicate skin to function on its own as its meant to. Our minimalist, high-quality skin care products, combined with the power of daily self massage, will make your skin the healthiest that it’s ever been before. I promise!

Introducing Our New Sample Packs

The perfect way to sample our popular Skin ReSet Kit without the full investment. This sample pack includes generous sized samples that will reset your skin’s natural processes for optimal skin health and a radiant glow.

Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin

Daily self massage is beneficial for healthy skin functioning and that “natural glow”. Massaging your face and neck, when done properly, will help increase the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, which is vital for optimal skin functioning. Massage can also stimulate collagen and elastin production, help with cellular waste removal, reduce puffiness, and relieve tension in the face, jaw, and neck.

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How I View Skin Health

Her Soul Intention is a high-quality organic skin care line that is formulated to reset your skin’s natural processes for optimal skin health and a radiant glow!

Rachel Devine, formulator of Her Soul Intention Organic Skin CareHi! I’m Rachel Devine!

I am the founder and skin formulator of Her Soul Intention Organic Skin Care. I have a full understanding of the skin, and the entire body. Not only do I have multiple certifications in skin care, skin health and advanced massage techniques, I am also a Germanic Healing Knowledge Educator and Consultant, Somatic Healing Therapist and Breathwork Coach. I treat the skin from a whole-body approach, incorporating the mind-body connection into skin healing, with a little soul work in the mix as well. Healing the skin truly takes a mind-body-soul approach.


How many times throughout your life have you continuously switched skin care lines because all of the products that you were choosing were not creating the results that you wanted?

For far too long, the beauty industry has taught us that skin health is external, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The conventional beauty industry forces the skin to act in unnatural ways, often causing more harm than good.

What if I told you that almost everything that you’ve ever been taught about skin health from the conventional beauty industry was a lie to keep you coming back?

For anyone who has ever experienced acne, rosacea, eczema or any other inflammatory skin condition, you would probably agree with me because following the advice of the beauty industry, and even most doctors and dermatologists does not get you very far in your healing journey.

By the time most of my clients come to me, they have already tried everything. They have:

  • spent hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars on skin care products that were all full of empty promises.
  • tried to eliminate multiple foods from their diet with little success.
  • taken multiple supplements to try to balance their hormones.
  • have worked with doctors, dermatologists, and naturopaths, but their breakouts and flareups still persist.

No matter what they try, they might see a little bit of improvement, but nothing seems to fully work in the long-term.

Can you relate?

I sure can, because I was there once myself. I experienced both acne and eczema for a large portion of my life. I tried cream after cream, diet after diet, supplement after supplement, but nothing fully cleared my skin. The journey of trying to heal my own skin is what brought me to where I am today.


Skin Health from a Whole Body Approach

If you look to the beauty industry or almost any conventional doctor to heal your skin, you’ll get a whole lot of mixed information about strong skin care products or antibiotics. If you look to a Naturopath, they’ll tell you that you need to cut out a bunch of foods, heal your gut and balance your hormones. There’s a HUGE piece of the puzzle that all of these industries are missing, and that’s the 5 Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge, as well as the state of our nervous system and how our emotional experiences impact us on a biological level.

Your nervous system is the controller of your body. It is in charge of your hormone production and regulation, your digestion and digestive enzymes and EVERY other system in your body.

You can have the most perfect diet, take all of the supplements out there to balance your hormones, but if your nervous system is imbalanced, NONE of this work as effectively as it should.


What About Topical Products Though?

Topical products have their time and place, which is to help support the skin’s natural processes. Skin care products should never be used to force the skin to act in any unnatural ways.

My focus in topical skin health is on resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes, while encouraging your delicate skin to function on its own as it’s meant to. This means a really minimalist skin care routine that maintains your skin’s pH balance, protects your skin’s microbiome and respects the skin’s acid mantle and protective barrier. This type of skin care line is not easy to find in the current market, which is why I created Her Soul Intention Organic Skin Care.


Her Soul Intention Organic Skin Care Skin ReSet Routine

Are You Ready to ReSet Your Skin’s Natural Processes?

The beauty industry teaches us to do way too much to our skin.

We over-cleanse.

We over-exfoliate.

We over-moisturize.

We are taught to force the skin to act how we want it to act.

But do you know what happens when, instead of forcing the skin, we actually support its natural processes? We nourish our skin, balance our skin and it actually glows from within.

Our organic skin careSKIN RESET ROUTINE is ALL you will need for healthy skin… no more, no less. This kit will nourish your skin and balance your skin’s pH level for healthier, radiant skin.


My Other Areas of Focus in Skin Health:

Germanic Healing Knowledge

Germanic Healing Knowledge (or German New Medicine | GNM) is a set of healing principals based on scientific discoveries.

These discoveries were able to shed a new and revolutionary light on skin conditions, health symptoms and ailments, disease and even cancer, their meanings, and processes.

The core idea of GHK is that it connects our traumas and emotional health to our symptoms and illnesses. These events and experiences cause the body to respond in primal ways to help us survive. Symptoms that are considered as “disease” in our western world are often attempts by the body to help us, including skin conditions, headaches, chronic pain, infections and cancer.

The Nervous System and Skin Health

One of the biggest mistakes that most skin professionals make is not understanding the nervous system and how the state of our nervous system dramatically impacts the skin. When we understand the nervous system, and how its state impacts our health, we begin to better understand our skin. The health of our skin is directly related to the nervous system. In order to heal skin conditions, like acne, rosacea and eczema, we must first deeply understand, nurture and heal the nervous system.

The Lymphatic System and Skin Health

The health of our lymphatic system is related to the appearance of the skin. The lymphatic system is the drainage system of the body, where white blood cells are manufactured and cellular waste is removed. By stimulating the lymphatic system through massage and intentional breathwork, we can better support the skin’s natural functioning.


Daily Massage for Healthy Skin

Our organic skin care products will reset your skin on the outside, and my Daily Massage for Healthy Skin will help improve your skin health from the inside-out. This massage will:

  • Stimulate blood circulation to bring fresh nutrients and oxygen supply to your skin
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system to clear out cellular waste
  • Relieve tension in the face, jaw and neck
  • Lift, Tone and Glow!