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Botanically-Infused Skin + Body Care

Her Soul Intention Skin Care is a range of organic, botanically-infused skin care and body products. These products are all hand-crafted by Rachel Devine, and are formulated using the highest quality, unrefined organic ingredients. These products will reset your skin's natural processes for optimal skin health and a radiant glow.

Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin

Daily self massage is beneficial for healthy skin functioning and that “natural glow”. Massaging your face and neck, when done properly, will help increase the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, which is vital for optimal skin functioning. Massage can also stimulate collagen and elastin production, help with cellular waste removal, reduce puffiness, and relieve tension in the face, jaw, and neck.

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What Causes Premature Aging?

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Hormonal Imbalances Are Not a Root Cause of Skin Conditions

Hormonal Imbalances Are Not a Root Cause of Skin Conditions

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Why You Should Avoid Anti-Perspirants

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Welcome to Her Soul Intention | Meet Rachel Devine

Hi! I am Rachel Devine, a Holistic Skin Therapist and the founder of Her Soul Intention Skin Care.

My approach to skin health and treating skin conditions is completely unique, because unlike most skin care brands and skin specialists, I don’t take a superficial approach to skin health.

In fact, I do NOT believe in treating the skin with harsh products, manipulation, antibiotics, supplements, or strict diets because all of these approaches can cause stress on the skin and body, which simply perpetuate the deeper issue. The problem with the current beauty models in our world is that they are based on theories that teach us to constantly intervene and disrupt the human body’s innate, biological processes, at the expense of our skin health.

At Her Soul Intention Skin Care, my focus in skin health is on understanding and supporting the natural, innate processes of the skin and the body on the biological level.

With over two full decades in the holistic skin care industry, and extensive training in various skin care modalities, massage therapies, organic skin care formulations, nutrition, hormonal health, and germanic healing knowledge, I take a whole body holistic approach to supporting and healing the skin.

I help simplify to process of aging gracefully and your skin from chronic skin conditions. My approach is far more effective (and easier) than any other approach that you’ll learn from other skin professionals. Understanding how the skin functions on the biological level, I help you understand and resolve the real bio-logical root causes of premature aging and inflammatory skin conditions, which again, have nothing to do with food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, or gut health – these are all symptoms too, not root causes.

Learn More About Me

Her Soul Intention Skin Care

Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care is a minimalistic range of plant, flower and herb-based skin care products, formulated with the highest quality, unrefined organic ingredients that nourish and support your skin.

Our focus in topical skin health is on resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes, while encouraging your delicate skin to function on its own as it’s meant to.

This means a really nutrient-dense, minimalist skin care routine that:

  • maintains your skin’s pH balance
  • protects your skin’s microbiome, and
  • respects your skin’s acid mantle and protective barrier
  • ……………………………………………………………………..

    Our Commitment

    Our approach to skin care is a lot different from skin care other brands, because we don’t believe in trying to force or manipulate the skin in any way whatsoever. In fact, treating the skin this way can cause more harm than good. Instead, we understand the vital importance of fully supporting the skin’s own natural, innate processes.

    At Her Soul Intention Skin Care, we are not just committed to the health and well-being of your skin, but also the health and well-being of your entire body as a whole. This is why our biggest commitment can be found in the high-quality ingredients that we use, our trustworthy product formulations, and our deep understanding of your skin and your body on the biological level.


    Our Formulations

    Our top priorities are efficacy and purity. Our skin care line truly is 100% completely natural.

    What you see on the ingredient label of each and every product is exactly what is inside of each bottle and jar. Unlike other brands, we never hide any of our ingredients. Integrity is of the utmost importance to Rachel. All of our organic, unrefined ingredients contain hundreds of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in their pure unaltered form. It is these vital qualities that make our skin care products so effective.

    Unlike most brands on the market, we refuse to use any synthetic or questionable ingredients in our products – to think that the intricacy of nature can be replicated, manipulated and out-smarted by man, without any consequences whatsoever, is one of the most lucrative lies that currently exists in our world. We understand the true power and potency of nature in its purest form, and do not believe that nature, or any skin care ingredient, should ever be manipulated or altered in any way.


    Our Ingredients

    The Ingredients that go into Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care are what make our skin care line so unique. Rachel dedicates a lot of time to sourcing the highest quality, organic ingredients that are all ethically sourced.

    Waterless, Preservative-Free Formulations

    You will notice that almost all of our products, with the exception of our Rose Geranium Hydrosol, are formulated without water. Whenever water is added to a product, a preservative is always required in order to prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside of the product.

    In order for your skin to be at its optimal health, it is essential to understand that we have an entire ecosystem of very helpful and very beneficial microbes that live on the surface of the skin. Because preservatives are created to kill bacteria, some preservatives destroy this beneficial skin bacteria.

    Every single skin care product created at Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care, with the exception of our Geranium Rose Hydrosol, is anhydrous, meaning that they are waterless. Rachel purposefully and intentionally formulated the entire skin care line this way in order to ensure that preservation would not required. This method of formulation makes our products more supportive than almost any other line on the market, even most of the skin care lines within the holistic skin care industry.

    No Added Synthetic Vitamins or Nutrients

    Seeing Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A added into skin care products is very trendy in recent years, however, it’s important to understand that these isolated vitamins are very rarely “natural” like the companies that use them claim them to be. These vitamins are highly processed and are created in a lab. Through manufacturing, these vitamins go though a process that strips them of their pure, potent healing benefits and values, altering and changing them from their pure form, into a laboratory-made synthetic ingredient.

    All of the vitamins and nutrients in our skin care products come directly from the plants and herbs that we use to create our formulations. You will never see any added isolated vitamins in our ingredients lists. This is purely intentional and on-purpose! Adding synthetic vitamins and nutrients to skin care products can actually be detrimental to the long-term health of your skin.

    Vitamin C, for example, often used in skin care as Ascorbic Acid or Ascorbyl Palmitate, is a synthetic ester of Ascorbic Acid and Palmitic Acid. However, while Ascorbic Acid is believed by the general public to be “Vitamin C”, it is not. Ascorbic Acid is actually an organic acid, and is not true Vitamin C. It is marketed as pure Vitamin C, but the true story behind this ingredient is rarely told.

    Extracting pure Vitamin C from a plant is a highly unstable process, and by the time the “Vitamin C” is added to a skin care product (or even a supplement), it is very, very rarely Vitamin C in its pure form. If you see Ascorbic Acid or Ascorbyl Palmitate on a label, know that this is not real Vitamin C.

    By isolating vitamins, such as Vitamin E and Ascorbic Acid from a plant, you are not benefiting the skin or your body in the way that you are led to believe. The reasoning for this – in order for these vitamins to be truly beneficial and be absorbed by the skin, they need to be in their pure unadulterated form, and should never ever be separated from the other nutrients and compounds that they were meant to be with in original plant. These vitamins, nutrients and compounds benefits and healing qualities are all dependent on working together synergistically.

    The best way to support the skin with vitamins and nutrients is to use the plant itself (like orange and grapefruit for Vitamin C and avocados, spinach and pumpkin seeds for Vitamin E), so that all of the supportive vitamins and nutrients are still working together, undisrupted in the way that nature intended.

    Organic, Unrefined Plant Oils

    The quality of the oils that go into skin care are so much more important than most people realize. At Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care, we only use the highest quality, organic, unrefined plant oils.

    In the photo, you can see two oils in clear glasses. Both of these oils in the photo are avocado oil. The avocado oil on the left is a pale yellow oil, which was purchased from the grocery store. This is avocado oil that is used for cooking. The dark-green oil that you see on the right, is the avocado oil that we use for Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care.

    The Oil on the Left – Refined Oil

    Refined oils are a lot less expensive than unrefined oils are. They go through a very high temperature refining process, resulting in a highly processed, chemical-filled oil that has a longer shelf life and can be cooked at a higher temperature, making it more ideal for grocery stores to sell. Refined oils are best for deep-frying because they have a much lower smoking point.

    The main problem with refined oils is that the refining process removes almost all of the vitamins, nutrients and natural elements from the oils. It also increases the amount of trans fat in them and causes them to oxidize much quicker. In fact, most of the oils that you purchase from the grocery store are already oxidized when you purchase them, making them pretty useless for the skin. Oxidized oils are definitely not ideal for graceful aging and provide no benefit for the skin at all.

    You can see in the photo that the oil on the left has had its vibrant, vitamin-rich colour fully removed from it during the refining process.

    The Oil on the Right – Unrefined Oil

    Unrefined oils, like the Avocado that you see on the right hand side, which is the Avocado oil that we use in Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care, is a lot healthier for your skin than refined oils are.

    The extraction process for unrefined oils does not use any heat. These oils are mechanically extracted using a cold-press method. This extraction process leaves the oil as close to its natural form as possible, retaining its aromas, rich colours, vitamins, nutrients and natural elements.

    This oil is far better for the skin, providing it with vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. It is also still rich in antioxidants, which is great for graceful aging and is also deeply moisturizing for the skin.

    You may have already noticed the rich colours of the oils in our skin care products. Developing skin care products using only unrefined oils that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients is one of the main reasons for the high efficacy of our skin care products. You cannot get these same effective, healthy results using any of the oils from the grocery store.

    Organic Flowers, Herbs and Roots

    Each of our products contain organic flowers, herbs and roots, whether that be in their whole form (gently ground up into powders) or infused into our oils. The flowers, herbs and roots that we use are properly dried in order to maintain the freshness and purity of each plant.

    The oils that go into Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care products are infused with these organic flowers and herbs in order to infuse the oil with the plants and herbs vitamins, nutrients and healing qualities. The oils are infused for four full weeks before they are added to each product.

    Organic Essential Oils

    Just like how not all oils are created equally, neither are essential oils. Many of the essential oils on the market that claim to be “pure” and “therapeutic” are not as high-quality as they claim to be. Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is not well regulated. Most of these oils are highly refined, and stripped of their beneficial properties and values. Many of them also contain heavy amounts of pesticide.

    The essential oils that go into Her Soul Intention Holistic Skin Care are all ethically sourced, organic and are truly therapeutic grade.

    Our essential oils only make up 0.5% – 1% of our total product formulations, in order to ensure you get all of the potent healing properties of these oils, but without ever risking the chance of any sensitivities or reactions occurring.


    My Recommended Daily Routine

    Are you ready to simplify and support your skin’s natural, biological processes?

    The beauty industry teaches us to do way too much to our skin:
    We over-cleanse.
    We over-exfoliate.
    We over-moisturize.

    We are taught to force the skin to act how we want it to act.

    But do you know what happens when, instead of forcing the skin, we actually support its natural processes? We nourish our skin, balance our skin and it actually glows from within.

    If you’re new to my skin care line, please take a look at my recommended routines in order to find the routine that works best for you. My minimalist routines are ALL you will need topically for healthy skin. My products will nourish your skin and balance your skin’s pH level, while my daily self massage (see the video below) will help to stimulate your skin’s natural processes for that beautiful glow!

    Check Out My Recommended Routines:
    Skin ReSet Routine
    Recommended Daily Routine
    Daily Self Massage for Healthy, Glowing Skin


    Daily Massage for Healthy Skin

    The products will reset your skin on the outside, and Rachel’s Daily Massage for Healthy Skin will help improve your skin health from the inside-out.

    The skin that we treat topically with skin care products is only 0.1 mm thick, and it’s underneath this layer of skin where all of the life occurs:

    • blood circulation that brings nutrients and fresh oxygen to the skin
    • lymphatic flow to help remove cellular waste and toxins from the skin cells
    • connective tissue, where collagen and elastin are produced and hydration is stored

    These layers of skin can be encouraged and supported through gentle massage, which is why, at Her Soul Intention Skin Care, we are so adamant about adding self massage into your daily topical skin care routine.

    When you combine your topical skin care routine with daily self massage, your skin will dramatically improve from the inside-out. Your skin tone will even out and I ensure you that your skin will even begin to naturally glow overtime.

    Rachel created the Daily Self Massage for the Face and Neck for you. We recommend performing this massage once a day, every day, or as often as you can. It’s only five minutes long and will really help to improve the natural functioning of your skin.

    To begin the massage, apply a little Sacred Calm or Sacred Light, take some deep breaths into your belly, and enjoy some much needed self touch, while improving the appearance of your skin.


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