Minimalist Routine for Healthy Balanced Skin

Whether you have healthy skin, inflamed skin or mature skin, we recommend the same skin care routine for everyone. If you wonder how it’s possible for one routine to work for everyone, read this blog post here… it’s an important one!

We strongly believe in resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes to encourage your delicate skin to function on its own as it’s meant to. Our minimalist, high-quality skin care products, combined with the power of Daily Self Massage, will make your skin the healthiest it’s ever been. We promise!

To learn more about how we view the skin and why we recommend caring for it the way that we do, we suggest taking a deep dive into our Blog.

If after awhile of trying this Daily Routine, you feel like you’re ready to level up your skin care routine, you can also try our popular Skin ReSet routine.

Morning Routine

I do not recommend cleansing in the morning. The skin is a delicate organ that is fully capable of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing itself. The more we do to it, the more we risk aggravating it and disrupting these natural processes. The purpose of a skin care routine should be to provide support and encourage the skin’s natural functioning. When we cleanse our skin at night, we wake up in the morning with clean skin. There’s no need to cleanse it again. We have a very delicate protective barrier on the surface of the skin that is vital for our skin’s health. This barrier is made up of our natural oils, sweat and dead skin cells. While we’ve been conditioned to think these 3 components are bad and should be removed, our natural oil, sweat and dead skin cells are very necessary for healthy skin, so we want to allow them all to serve their purpose. Cleansing once a day is sufficient. I promise!

Evening Routine

  • Oil Cleansing: Apply 3-4 of Sacred Calm to dry skin. Wet your fingertips and massage into your skin for approximately 60 seconds to lift dirt and debris.
  • Using a warm, damp cloth, gently wipe your face to remove Sacred Calm.
  • If you wear heavy makeup, a double cleanse might be necessary. In this case, please repeat steps 1-2 above.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps (please note that this is less than your morning routine amount – see the evening tip section for the explanation of why) of Sacred Calm Soothing Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer and massage it into the skin. This is a really ideal time to perform my Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin, which you can find the video tutorial to below.

Evening Tip:
I do not recommend using a lot of Sacred Calm or any Winter Saviour at all in the evening. While we sleep, our skin repairs, regenerates and exfoliates itself. If we have thicker amounts of oil or heavier balms on the skin, they can disrupt this natural biological process. 1-2 pumps ofSacred Calm is sufficient as your night time moisturizer. It quickly absorbs into the skin, so it will not disrupt your skin’s nightly repair process.

Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin

The products will reset your skin on the outside, and my Daily Massage for Healthy Skin will help improve your skin health from the inside-out. This massage will:

  • Stimulate blood circulation to bring fresh nutrients and oxygen supply to your skin
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system to clear out toxins and improve your skin’s immunity
  • Clear out stagnation to improve skin conditions
  • Relieve tension in the face, jaw and neck
  • Lift, Tone and Glow!

Weekly Recommendations

Body Products for Luxurious Natural Self Care

If you have any questions about this routine or your skin, please feel free to contact me anytime.


About Rachel Devine

I am the founder and formulator of Her Soul Intention Skin Care. I'm here to help you nurture your skin with high-quality plant-based skin care, deeply understand and discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your own inner-healing.