Face Massage Tutorial: Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin

Self face massage can be a really powerful form of self care, both for your nervous system and for your skin.

The skin that we treat topically with skin care products is only 0.1 mm thick, and it’s underneath this layer of skin where all of the life occurs:

  • blood circulation that brings nutrients and fresh oxygen to the skin
  • lymphatic flow to help remove cellular waste and toxins from the skin cells
  • connective tissue, where collagen and elastin are produced and hydration is stored

These layers of skin can be encouraged and supported through gentle massage, which is why, at Her Soul Intention Skin Care, we are so adamant about adding self massage into your daily topical skin care routine.

Aside from all of the skin benefits, self-touch also tells your body and your nervous system that you and your current external world are safe. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which ignites the body’s healing and regenerating abilities (hello graceful aging), increases and improves digestion, balances hormones, improves sleep… the list goes on!

When you combine your topical skin care routine with daily self massage, your skin will dramatically improve from the inside-out. Your skin tone will even out and I ensure you that your skin will even begin to naturally glow overtime.

Rachel created the Daily Self Massage for the Face and Neck for you, which we have shared below. We recommend performing this massage once a day, every day, or as often as you can. It’s only five minutes long and will really help to improve the natural functioning of your skin.

To begin the massage, apply a little Sacred Calm or Sacred Light, take some deep breaths into your belly, and enjoy some much needed self touch, while improving the appearance of your skin.

This massage will:

  • Stimulate blood circulation to bring fresh nutrients and oxygen supply to your skin
  • Stimulate your lymphatic system to clear out cellular waste
  • Relieve tension in the face, jaw and neck
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Lift, Tone and Glow!

Before you start this daily massage, be sure to read this blog post on why your (face massage) intention matters when massaging your skin.


About Rachel Devine

I am the founder and formulator of Her Soul Intention Skin Care. I'm here to help you nurture your skin with high-quality plant-based skin care, deeply understand and discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your own inner-healing.