Face Massage Tutorial: Natural Eyebrow Lift

I created this Eyebrow Lift Self Massage to help give you a natural eyebrow lift using only your hands and a little bit of Sacred Calm Soothing Cleansing Oil + Serum.

To perform this massage, I recommend using a really small amount of Sacred Calm Soothing Cleansing Oil + Serum. You do not want to slip on the skin, which can happen if you use too much oil. You want some grip, but also not too much grip that you’re pulling on the skin. When I perform this massage, I use two pumps of Sacred Calm Soothing Cleansing Oil + Serum and apply it to my face and neck. I find that this the perfect amount, however, it’s important to know that the amount of oil might differ slightly for you. Play around with the amount of oil to figure out the perfect amount for you. I have more tips below.

Perform this massage on both sides of your face! Notice the difference in your eyebrows between sides to see if you’re doing it correctly. With the correct pressure, you’ll notice a lifting effect on the eyebrow that you’ve massaged, compared to the eyebrow that you have not massaged.

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About Rachel Devine

I am the founder and formulator of Her Soul Intention Skin Care. I'm here to help you nurture your skin with high-quality plant-based skin care, deeply understand and discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your own inner-healing.