Your (Face Massage) Intention Matters

If you already use my skin care line, you know that I highly recommend daily face massage, using my Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin in order to have healthy functioning, glowing skin. I want to go a bit further with that now, because your intention when massaging your skin matters a lot more than you may realize.

When I first created my Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin, most of my clients had huge success and their skin noticeably improved (increased glow and a more even skin tone), but others experienced the opposite and developed acne breakouts.

At that time, I couldn’t figure out why some clients had such success with face massage, while others didn’t – when in reality, the skin is an organ and functions the exact same for each one of us. But, through understanding that our bodies are hard-wired for survival and are always adapting to the circumstances that the body is presented with, here’s what I came to realize:

If you’re massaging your skin with the intention of self love and nurturing support, you’re going to benefit from the self massage so much.

However, if you’re massaging with the intent of “fixing” and “erasing” what you don’t like about your skin, you’re not going to get the same benefits, and in fact, you very well may experience more breakouts.


When we understand the Laws of Nature, we understand that biological root cause of acne is an “attack” conflict or a “soiled” conflict.

This could mean:

  • unwanted words being thrown at you in an argument
  • a physical attack, like over-cleansing, scrubbing, or popping and picking your skin (vicious cycle)
  • an emotional attack on one’s integrity or on oneself through self criticism
  • thinking that your skin is dirty (something repulsive splashed on your skin, or you think the acne bacteria is “bad” and therefore, need to clean it away)

When we experience an “attack” either figuratively or literally, the psyche perceives it as a threat, sends a message to the brain, which sends a message to the skin to start proliferating (growing) extra skins cell. This happens to create extra protection or cushioning, so that biologically, your body feels better equipped to handle the “attack” on a physical level.

This is how acne begins. At this point, you’ll feel a little bump under the skin, and will think, “Oh no! I’m getting a pimple”. At this point, you need to nurture yourself and your skin, rather than further “attack” your skin.

If you start massaging your skin with the intention of wanting to “fix” or “erase” what you don’t like about yourself, there is a high chance that your psyche is going to perceive this as an attack conflict and begin this biological program in order to protect your physical body from your very own self.

Massage your face with pure intentional love, never with dislike or hate!


About Rachel Devine

I am the founder and formulator of Her Soul Intention Skin Care. I'm here to help you nurture your skin with high-quality plant-based skin care, deeply understand and discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your own inner-healing.