Germanic Healing Knowledge

A lot of the work that I do surrounding skin and health, determining their root causes, and understanding how to heal them (without the need for elimination diets or hormonal balancing, because food intolerances and imbalances are all symptoms too, not root causes) comes from my very deep understanding of Germanic Healing Knowledge.

Germanic Healing Knowledge is a set of healing principals based on scientific discoveries.

These discoveries were able to shed a new and revolutionary light on skin conditions, health symptoms and ailments, disease and even cancer, their meanings, and processes. His research has established the connection between the psyche, brain and body.

The core idea of Germanic Healing Knowledge is that it connects our traumas and emotional health to our symptoms and illnesses. These events and experiences cause the body to respond in primal ways to help us survive. Symptoms that are considered as “disease” in our western world are often attempts by the body to help us, including skin conditions, headaches, chronic pain, infections and cancer.

What is Germanic Healing Knowledge?

Germanic Healing Knowledge is the discovery made by German Medical Doctor, Ryke Geerd Hamer. GHK connects our symptoms and illnesses to our traumas and emotional health.

It’s important to understand that GHK is not a “modality” or an “alternative medicine”. Instead, it is founded on natural laws rather than theories. Dr. Hamer’s discoveries offer a complete scientific system that serves as an entirely new understanding of disease.

Not long after his 17 year old son’s tragic, unexpected death, Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer. Given his knowledge of cancer through this work, his diagnosis didn’t make sense to him. He sensed that his cancer diagnosis had to be connected to the loss of his son.

This instinct led Dr. Hamer to go on to study thousands of cancer patients. Through his studies, he was able to discover some really remarkable, breakthrough conclusions…

Dr. Hamer discovered that every single cancer patient had experienced an unexpected shock leading up to their diagnosis, causing the body to adapt through a biological survival mechanism.

For example, he discovered that in a death freight, when someone is scared for their life, the body will build extra tissue cells in their lungs as a survival (protective) mechanism.

Dr. Hamer discovered that the extra cell growth was not due to a genetic error or a mistake in function of the body. Instead, it is a biologically meaningful adaptation of the physical tissue cells in response to a perceived threat in the environment of the individual.

The psyche, brain and organ begins healing when the resolution of the conflict shock and becoming aware of the triggers occur. Otherwise, the individual remains victim to the unconscious thought process that keeps him or her in the disease state, causing the symptoms or illness to become chronic.

The Five Biological Laws

Dr. Hamer discovered that every symptom has a purpose and every disease tells a story.

He discovered that all diseases, not just cancer, were initiated by a biological conflict that leaves a visible mark in the brain, which can be confirmed by a CAT scan of the brain. At the onset of a biological conflict (that occurs due to the unexpected or unanticipated event), it is the very vital emotional response that determines the illness or psychosis (with the exception of poisoning). This happens simultaneously on the psyche, brain and organ.

More than just the metaphysical or emotional association, Dr. Hamer discovered The 5 Biological Laws of Nature.

The 5 Biological Laws demonstrate that what we have considered as “diseases” or “sickness” within the body are actually meaningful biological adaptations to unexpected situations, not from the body breaking down or failing us.

When you understand The 5 Biological Laws, you will no longer fear your symptoms, illnesses or diseases.

What Are the Five Biological Laws

First Biological Law

The 1st Biological Law proves that all symptoms, diseases and illnesses begin with an unexpected, unanticipated situation (called a conflict shock). The body then enters into a survival mode, creating a biological program (2nd biological law) within the body to help us adapt and resolve the conflict.

The only time this law doesn’t apply is when the symptoms are being caused by:
1. Poisoning
2. A Mechanical Issue (like a broken bone or when you accidentally cut or burn yourself while cooking)
3. Severe Vitamin Deficiencies/Malnutrition

If these don’t apply to your current symptoms, then that means that your body is running a biological program that it started in order to adapt to an unexpected, unanticipated stressful situation or event.

Immediately upon a stressful situation, your psyche will send a message to your brain. At this exact moment, a circular marking will appear in the brain, which can be seen on a CT scan. Your brain then sends a message to either a particular organ or tissue to start a biological program in order to help you adapt and survive this situation in the best way possible.

When that particular organ/tissue involves the dermis, your brain sends a message to your skin to start proliferating/growing new cells (skin cells or melanin). The biological purpose of this is to help thicken your skin, creating a protective layering or “cushioning” so that if this conflict or situation occurs again, your body feels better equipped to handle it and protect you on the physical level.

Once the conflict is resolved, and the perceived threat is gone, the skin will then begin breaking down those extra cells, because they are no longer needed. These cells are broken down by very specialized microbes, which are the bacteria that you’ll find in the puss of pimples, or at the site of a skin cancer lesion when it’s in the healing phase. Because these microbes are needed to break down these extra cells that are no longer needed, we never want to kill them (think harsh skin care products or antibiotics), otherwise we’ll disrupt the body’s own healing process, and might even be left with a permanent cyst or scar.

Every single action our body makes is taken for a very vital reason. The human body does not fail us. Instead, it’s the general lack of knowledge about the how it truly works that causes the issues – we intervene and disrupt the body’s processes, because we have somehow been wrongly led to believe that we are smarter than the human body.

Second Biological Law

The 2nd Biological Law shows that every Biological Program that occurs within the body happens in two phases. What allopathic medicine labels as “sickness” or “disease: is actually the healing phase.

This explanation is very basic, and goes much deeper than this, but here are the basics of the 2nd Biological Law…

When we are feeling well, we move through a 24 hours circadian rhythm day and night (homeostasis or when we feel “normal”). We live in this state until we experience a conflict shock (1st biological law). As mentioned above, a conflict shock is when we’re confronted with an unexpected, unanticipated stressful experience. As soon as this happens, we enter the sympathetic nervous system (survival mode).

The psyche sends a message to the brain, where a circular marking is formed and can be seen in a CT scan. The brain then sends a message to a specific organ or tissue that instantly initiates 1 of 3 biological programs to help us “survive” the conflict. These programs will either be:
1. Cell proliferation (growth) in a particular organ
2. Cell loss in the affected organ
3. Temporary loss of functioning or hyper-functioning of an organ

Imagine an argument with a friend. The fight really bothers you, so you’re “conflict active”. 2 weeks later you reconnect, talk it out, forgive each other and the situation is resolved. Once the conflict is resolved, the body moves into the healing phase, and we enter the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest).

During this phase, whatever happened in the conflict active phase is going to switch so we move back into homeostasis.

-If we proliferated cells in the conflict active phase, those cells will now be broken down. They’re no longer needed
-If we lost cells, the cells will be replenished in this phase
-If we lost functioning of an organ, we’ll regain functioning in this phase

Regardless of which program is running, we may experience pain, swelling and inflammation at this point. Allopathic medicine labels this as “sickness”. At this point, edema/fluid will be found in the circular marking of the brain and the affected organ (because healing occurs in a fluid environment).

Once we complete the healing needed for homeostasis, we experience an epi-crisis, which is the peak of healing/sickness (example: a high fever). Once the epic-crisis finishes, the body then releases the edema from the brain and organ (which may often be felt as a headache).

We then move into the 2nd part of healing which, once complete, we feel better again and move back to our regular day-night cycle.

Third Biological Law

The 3rd Biological Law is firmly anchored in the science of embryology. Dr. Hamer took into account the development of the fetus from the very start of life in his medical research. He discovered that the correlation between the psyche, brain, and the organs is closely connected to the 3 embryonic germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm) from which all of the organs in the human body originate. The Biological Programs that occur when you’re experiencing any symptom, “illness or disease” are encoded in every human cell and are inscribed in your DNA.

Through analyzing and comparing thousands of brain scans, Dr. Hamer found that organs originating from the same embryonic germ layer are controlled from the same part of the brain, which allow us to better understand our symptoms and biological programs that the body runs.

Each of the 3 embryonic germ layers corresponds to specific biological conflicts that date way back to the time when humans lived in the wild and first experienced life-threatening situations (starvation, territorial loss, existence, etc). This helps us understand that certain conflict themes belong to particular evolutionary periods, yet even through evolution, today, they still remain in place and impact the way our bodies function.

Fourth Biological Law

This law explains the beneficial role of microbes and proves that they are not there to harm us. In fact, they aid in the healing phase. The type of microbe used is dependent on what tissue or organ was affected during the Biological program.

For the first 2.5 billion years, microbes were the only organisms living on earth. Over time, they populated other forms of life – plants, animals & humans.

For every 1 human cell, we have approximately 4 microbes living on and within us. Microbes outnumber our cells by 4 to 1. To think that all microbes are here to harm us is wrong. Microbes have a vital role in maintaining our body tissues. In fact, microbes are vital for our healing and survival.

Fifth Biological Law

The final law is the “Quintessence”, and shows that every disease, illness, and symptom is a meaningful and significant part of a biological program of Nature. Each symptom and each disease makes complete sense in the context of our biology and evolution.

Dr. Hamer was able to prove that “Nothing in Nature is meaningless, malignant or diseased.” All so-called “diseases” have a very specific biological meaning.

But we are raised in a society that programs us to believe that our bodies and nature are always failing us and that we need to look outside of ourselves for answers. As a society, we’ve been taught that Mother Nature constantly makes mistakes and causes breakdowns within and around us. This is not true.

Why would God/Creator or Nature produce a world that is always constantly failing us? Is it really nature failing us, or is it man and his greed?

Nature knows exactly what to do to take care of itself with perfect efficiency, and with perfect intelligence that goes way beyond our current comprehension. Nothing in Nature is ever meaningless. The human body is part of nature and has no exceptions to this. It’s our ignorance and interference that disrupts it’s natural processes.

Every unanticipated, unexpected shock that we experience begins a special biological program in the body that assists us in adapting to and resolving the situation. Every symptom and disease, both physiological and mental, is part of this meaningful and efficient biological program of Nature.

Every program of Nature is designed to protect us, and then bring us toward homeostasis – to bring us to wholeness. The body never works in the direction of deterioration. It is only our unnecessary intervention, our suppression, and our unresolved experiences that pull us away from our whole health.