Gua Sha Tutorial: Advanced Techniques for the Face and Neck

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing method, which is recent years, has become really popular for the face and neck.

“Gua” means scrape.
“Sha” means sand.

This treatment involves “scraping” (in massage, we’ll call it stroking) a flat jade stone over the skin to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, relax the nervous system, relieve tension from stiff muscles and improve tissue functioning.

I have compiled a series of Gua Sha tutorials, which I have added below. You can choose which tutorial is best for you based on your unique, specific needs. The advanced techniques are the same techniques used in professional Holistic Facial Treatments.

Basic Gua Sha Routine for the Face and Neck

Advanced Gua Sha for Neck Rejuvenation

Advanced Gua Sha for Puffy Eyes


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