Skin Health

How many times throughout your life have you continuously switched skin care lines because all of the products that you were choosing were not creating the results that you wanted?

There’s a huge misconception within the beauty industry that skin conditions, like acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can all be cured topically.

This isn’t true!

All of these skin conditions occur within the body. In fact, they develop on the subconscious level, and topical skin care products cannot resolve that. Healing skin conditions is very much an inside job.

The Wrong Skin Care Will Actually CAUSE Skin Conditions

It’s true!! And here’s something that’s vital for you to know…

When you:

  • exfoliate the skin abrasively (and even chemically)
  • use products that are not pH balanced with the skin
  • use products that destroy the skin’s protective barrier
  • use products that kill your skin’s delicate microbiome
  • perform extractions, both on your own or even professionally

Your skin is going to start rebelling against this treatment. In many of these cases mentioned above, your skin is going to start proliferating extra cells in order to protect itself from this very unnatural treatment. This harsh treatment can very easily lead to acne, hyperpigmentation, and even melanoma without you being aware of how or why it’s doing this.

Some skin care products that claim to help your skin, are actually detrimental to the skin, and many aestheticians and so-called “skin experts” are completely unaware of this because they do not know the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge.

What’s Important to Know

Topical skin care products absolutely have their time and place. However, the purpose of topical skin care products is not to force the skin, but rather to support the skin.

When we are taking care of the skin, it is vital to:

  • maintain the pH balance of the skin,
  • support the skin’s protective barrier and acid mantle, and
  • nourish the skin’s microbiome

When treating skin conditions, it is really important that the skin is balanced topically and functioning optimally first with supportive skin care.

Once we know that the skin is being taken care of properly externally, then we can dive deep into the body to get to the biological root cause of your skin conditions (which is not food intolerances or hormonal imbalances – these are symptoms too, not root causes).

The Real Purpose of Topical Skin Care

The purpose of skin care products is really misunderstood in this world. Beauty industry marketing will tell you that the purpose of skin care is to fix and erase what you don’t like about your skin.

But here’s the truth:

No topical product is going to fully heal your skin all on its own (healing is an inside job). This isn’t the purpose of topical products, nor should it be.

Your own body heals your skin, but the problem is, we’ve always been taught to intervene and disrupt the body’s innate power.

My focus in topical skin health is on resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes, while encouraging your delicate skin to function on its own as it’s meant to. This means a really minimalist skin care routine that supports and maintains your skin’s pH balance, protects your skin’s microbiome and respects the skin’s acid mantle and protective barrier (more on this below).

Less is best!

Throw in a little self massage and, Wow! Your skin and nervous system can truly feel nurtured and nourished.

When you work with me to improve your skin, I guide you topically and internally.

Once you’re on a proper skin care routine, I teach you:

  • how to take the confusion out of acne, eczema and other skin conditions
  • how to understand your skin from the inside-out, so that you know exactly what your skin needs for improved skin health
  • to understand how your stress levels, emotional health, and past experiences impact your skin health
  • to avoid all of the trendy fads and treatments that cause more harm than good

The Protective Barrier and Acid Mantle

On the surface of the skin, we have a really delicate protective barrier. Part of this protective barrier is called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is made of our skin’s natural oil, sweat and dead skin cells. It helps keep water in the skin. You can imagine the acid mantle as an invisible protective film on the skin, that the skin produces in order to protect itself. It’s almost like the skin’s invisible shield between the body and our external environment. It is really important that we respect and maintain this layer of the skin.

The pH balance of our acid mantle is around 5.5. When we use ingredients that are either too high or too low of a pH level, it strips the acid mantle, allowing water to escape the skin, which can cause dehydration.

While all skin conditions like sensitivities, dry skin, acne, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea are caused internally through biological programs, respecting the skin’s acid mantle and protective barrier helps the skin to be more resilient, healthier and hydrated.

A compromised protective barrier and acid mantle can occur due to a number of reasons, but harsh, improper skin care products, as well as over-exfoliation are the main factors. Once the acid mantle has been stripped from the skin, it takes 12 hours to rebuild and repair itself. For people who are using really harsh skin care products, like abrasive exfoliants, acids, peels, retinoids and retinols, or even detergent-like cleansers and toners, their acid mantle is basically never able to rebuild itself because every time the acid mantle just finishes rebuilding itself after that 12 hour period, they’re stripping it away again, morning and night.

This is one of the many reasons why using synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients on the skin is not a good idea for the longevity of skin health.

All of the skin care products that I make at Her Soul Intention are gentle and pH balanced with the skin to help maintain and completely respect the skin’s protective barrier and acid mantle.

The Skin’s Microbiome

Another really important part of the skin is the skin’s microbiome. Just like the gut microbiome, that we’ve been hearing about a lot in recent years, the skin has its very own microbiome.

The human body contains trillions of microorganisms, about 200-500 different species, outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1. We have a massive amount of bacteria that live on and inside of the body. In fact, we have way more bacteria than human cells. These microorganisms are known as our microbiome or microbial ecosystem. These microbes make up a very delicate, highly organized network that support bodily functions (digestion and supporting us in the body’s healing and regenerating), and even healing.

Just like the microbiome within the body, the skin also has its very own microbiome, made of trillions of microorganisms. This beneficial bacteria is essential for our skin health and homeostasis.

Harsh skin care products, synthetic preservatives, detergent-like ingredients and synthetic antibacterial ingredients all kill and destroy the microbiome. In order for our bodies and skin to maintain proper homeostasis, it’s vital that we have this beneficial bacteria on and within the body.

All of the skin care products that I formulate are formulated with love and respect of the skin’s microbiome, especially Radiant Soul Moisturizing Honey Mask. Honey has been found to not only respect the skin’s beneficial bacteria, but to also feed and nurture it.