Hormonal Imbalances Are Not a Root Cause of Skin Conditions

Hormonal imbalances are a common diagnosis in the holistic industry. These imbalances are often blamed for being the cause of acne, headaches, female-related symptoms, like menstrual issues, fatigue, weight gain and weight loss… this list can go on and on.

Hormonal imbalances are an effect. They’re NOT the root cause of any symptom.

If you’re told your hormones are imbalanced and that your symptoms are being caused because of those “imbalances”, I want you to ask,

“WHY are my hormones imbalanced?”

Most practitioners won’t know the real root cause of the hormonal imbalances.

Taking supplements or synthetic hormones in order to rebalance your hormones is simply masking the deeper issue. It’s a bandaid effect that isn’t actually healing the real root cause of the hormonal imbalance. Your hormones may appear more balanced on the next test because of these protocols, but if you stop taking the supplements, will your hormones still be balanced?

In today’s high-stress, unbiological world, most women experience hormonal imbalances at some point. If acne was caused by hormonal imbalances, all teens and menopausal women would experience acne, not just a select group. Women with similar hormonal imbalances don’t always express the same symptoms. Why? What’s missing here?

In Germanic Healing Knowledge, we understand that every symptom has a biological purpose:

  • If your estrogen or proestrogen levels are low, there’s a biological reason for it.
  • If your testosterone levels are low or high, there’s a biological reason.

We need to understand the underlying cause, rather than mask it. Each imbalance is an adaptation that your body has purposefully created.

Let’s learn why…

Hormonal Imbalances Are Also a Symptom, Not a Root Cause

Your hormone levels are fully controlled by the brain. When levels are “off”, there’s a biological reason for it. Your body make zero mistakes. It does everything with intention to help you adapt and survive.

The production of sexual hormones, like estrogen occurs mainly in the ovaries, and again, is controlled and directed by the brain. The estrogen status is controlled from the left temporal lobe, left pre-motor sensory cortex, and left half of the glucose centre. Testosterone is controlled from the same areas, but in the right hemisphere of the brain.

In Germanic Healing Knowledge, we don’t see hormonal fluctuations as imbalances. We see that you’re either in your:

  • Female hormonal status, or your
  • Male hormonal status

A change in hormone status changes the way in which we perceive the world. When a female is in her male hormonal status, meaning her testosterone level is higher than her estrogen levels, she tends to be a little more controlling and aggressive and perceives the world and her conflicts through the male hormonal lens, which is controlled by the right side of the brain.

When her estrogen is higher, she’s in her female hormonal status, and tends to be a little more carefree and creative. She perceive the world through the female lens, which is controlled by the left side of the brain.

Estrogen levels naturally decrease during:

  • pregnancy and nursing,
  • after menopause,
  • necrosis in both ovaries,
  • when both ovaries have been removed, and
  • due to estrogen-lowering medication and supplements
  • contraceptives (progesterone in birth control pills suppresses estrogen)

When a woman experiences a Biological Conflict (explained in the 1st Biological Law of Nature) that signals the left side of her brain, the female conflict area, the brain instantaneously begins an adaptation to help her resolve the conflict, biologically, in the most efficient way possible. Sometimes, in this case, a temporary decrease or increase in estrogen may be required. This does NOT by mistake. It’s done intentionally.

Hormonal fluctuations are not the root cause of any symptom. They’re a cause and effect. There’s a reason why the hormones are imbalanced. Always look for the root cause –> the Biological Conflict.

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