How Can One Skin Care Product Work for All Skin Types?

Had you asked me this question when I was fresh out of Aesthetics school, my answer would have been, “It can’t!!”. Because really, how can one product treat dry skin + oily skin at the same time?

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a “skin type”, only a skin condition. Don’t get me wrong… I believed in “skin types” for YEARS… until I learned more about how the skin functions within… much deeper than what we see externally. It’s my mission to undo what the beauty industry has taught us. I want you to deeply understand your skin, treat it with respect and feel confident in healing it, all while aging gracefully.

Whether you have excess oil or not enough oil, it does not mean your skin is failing you or that something is wrong with it. It simply means that your skin is asking for support and balance. If the pH level is too high, your skin will lack oil. If your pH is too low, your skin will have excess oil. NEVER should we “soak up” oil with strong ingredients or acids because that only throws the pH level off even more, creating a viscous cycle. We want actual healing, inside and out, for long-term skin health. We have to stop forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways with external care, and instead, support it so it can function on its own like it’s meant to.

The skin’s pH level is around 5.5. If you use products that are pH balanced with the skin, whether you have a high pH or low, you can bring your skin into balance, meaning one product CAN work for all skin types. Add in powerful nutrients + essential fatty acids and you’re on your way to happier skin.

Sacred Calm is my best-selling product and works wonders for the skin! This dual oil cleanser and moisturizer makes a really minimalist skin care routine that will ease your skin into balance. Combined with my Daily Self Massage this daily skin care routine will be a game-changer for your skin. Regardless of your skin goals, Sacred Calm works for everyone, not by forcing your skin, but by supporting it. It’s all about encouraging the skin’s natural processes for a healthy, balanced glow. The rest of the work will all be internal!


About Rachel Devine

Hi! I'm Rachel Devine, a Holistic Practitioner and the founder of Her Soul Intention. I help you understand and resolve your skin and health symptoms, so you can let go of the fear and confusion surrounding your symptoms, without the need for any elimination diets or strict protocols. My full approach to health and wellness is based on the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge.