Introducing Our Facial Hydrosol: Garden Mist

We’re excited to introduce our new Facial Hydrosol, Garden Mist Rose Geranium Hydrosol.

In conventional beauty, toners are used to “restore” the skin’s pH level after harsh cleansing. However, when we understand that the skin’s acid mantle takes 12 hours to rebuild after disruption, and that the pH of the skin cannot be repaired to homeostasis through products alone, we know that it’s not possible to “tone” the skin’s pH levels back to normal through the use of conventional toners.

At Her Soul Intention, we don’t agree with toners. Instead, we have formulated a hydrosol to use in place of conventional toners.

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydrosols are water-based products that are made from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, and other plant materials. They are a natural byproduct of the essential oil manufacturing process and contain powerful healing properties. Hydrosols are used to support, nourish and hydrate the skin. They do not attempt to force or manipulate the skin in anyway.

Why a Hydrosol?

Dehydrated skin has difficulty the beneficial nutrients from serums, oils and balms, but well-hydrated skin allows for much better absorption of other ingredients.

Garden Mist Rose Geranium Hydrosol has been formulated to hydrate the skin and is the primary source of hydration within our skin care line. The skin needs water for proper hydration, and then oil-based products (such as our oils and balms) to seal in the water and moisturize the skin. Oil alone will usually not feel like it’s enough hydration for the skin.

Traditional creams and lotions contain both water and oils, and then use emulsifiers to mix these ingredients together, however, many additional unnatural and chemical-filled ingredients are required in order to stabilize and preserve these mixtures.

At Her Soul Intention, we prefer to create this necessary combination of water and oil on the skin without the unnecessary added ingredients.

To achieve this, we have created our hydrosol to be misted on the skin after cleansing, and then immediately followed with application of either an oil, a balm or both! By applying hydrosol first you help to hydrate the skin. The Hydrosol also helps to soften the skin cells, allowing for deeper penetration of your serums, oils and balms.

If you do not enjoy misting your face, Garden Mist Rose Geranium Hydrosol can be sprayed into your hand first and your oils and balms can be mixed with the hydrosol right in your hand before applying it to your skin.

Garden Mist Rose Geranium Hydrosol can also be used in place of water when mixing powered face masks, such as our Sacred Botanicals Hibiscus Exfoliating Mask.


About Rachel Devine

I am the founder and formulator of Her Soul Intention Skin Care. I'm here to help you nurture your skin with high-quality plant-based skin care, deeply understand and discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your own inner-healing.