Massage Tutorial: Jaw Tension Relief

One-Minute Jaw Tension Massage

Do you experience jaw tension? If so, try these exercises for some temporary relief!

So many of us hold tension in our jaws. If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth, check in with yourself to see if you have some built up anger inside of you that you need to release! According to Germanic Healing Knowledge and the Five Biological Laws, any issues or imbalances with the jaw and teeth are caused by what we call a “bite conflict”. A bite conflict is a conflict of not being able to “bite back” at an opponent – not speaking up for or standing up for oneself.

Jaw clenching, night time teeth grinding and even cavities are a biological adaptive response to this.

Stress is held in the jaw and it needs to be released in order to let go of this bad habit. Stand up for yourself and speak your truth regularly in order to break free of this habit!


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