Massage Tutorial: Puffy Eyes

One-Minute Eye Massage

In this short video, I show you a basic massage technique to help you treat puffy eyes through manual self massage.

According to the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge puffiness under the eyes is often a sign that we are running a biological program in the kidneys, and that the body is retaining water due to this.

While the conflict associated with this biological program needs to be resolved in order to solve the under eye puffiness for good, lymphatic drainage techniques, such as the techniques used in the video below, can temporarily help to reduce the puffiness, encouraging the fluid to drain away from the eye area via the lymphatic system.

This video is sped up to fit it all in (I only had one minute for an Instagram Reel, which is what this video was originally recorded for).

This massage should be about 1/3 the pace of this video. So go Slow! Slow! Slow! In fact, the slower and the gentler your touch, the better. The lymphatic system is very superficial, meaning that it’s right below the skin’s surface. If you were to rest a nickel on the back of your hand, you’d be touching your lymphatic system. Keep this in mind while massaging. If you massage too deeply, you can collapse the lymphatic vessels, defeating the purpose of this massage.

When working with fluid retention in the face, it is also really important that we ALWAYS begin with the neck in order to open up the lymphatic pathways from the head to the rest of the body. Without opening these pathways first, the fluid will have no where to drain, and will stay in the face.


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