Meet Rachel Devine

I have quite the long story, but it’s an important one because it has brought me to where I am, exactly in this moment. If you’d rather listen to it than read it, here’s the audio version:

Hi! I’m Rachel Devine, a holistic aesthetician, turned skin therapist and skin care formulator, turned breathwork coach and inner-healing mentor. This list seems pretty long and maybe even a little random, but I gained all of these titles through my own healing journey and use every single one of the tools that I provide in my own life daily.

How My Career Began
When I was a teenager, I struggled with eczema. I was covered head to toe in it, and it was so bad that I was bullied in high school because of it. I remember one girl telling everyone to stay away from me because I had a contagious skin disease that I was going to spread to everyone if they came too close to me.

My parents tried everything that they could, with the information that they had at the time, to try to heal my skin, but nothing worked. We saw countless doctors, specialists, and dermatologists who all handed me cream after cream but nothing worked. In fact, some of them made my skin worse.

Thankfully I “grew out” of this condition after high school, or so they said. With my current understanding of the skin and body from the internal side, I now believe that graduating high school, and getting away from the stress that school caused for me, was what ultimately healed my skin.

After high school, I went to the University of Western Ontario for Psychology. I was fascinated by the brain and all of the reasons behind our actions and how we operate, but being an extremely sensitive soul, I quickly realized that while I wanted to live my life helping others, the field of psychology was a little too intense for me. I decided to completely switch my path and went to school for aesthetics instead, which still involved helping people feel better about themselves, just in a completely different way. I had experienced so many issues with my skin, that my hope was to learn more about the skin so that I could help prevent girls from experiencing what I had experienced with my eczema.

After I graduated, my passion for the skin began. My favourite service was facial treatments and every client always commented on my “healing hands”. I loved seeing clients melt into the facial bed in pure blissful relaxation and watching their demeanour change from beginning to end of each treatment. But my understanding of the skin, based on what I had been taught in school, didn’t seem to make sense. I treated the skin exactly as I had been taught to treat it in school… externally! If a client had acne, we were taught to use products that would soak up the excess oils and the acne would clear. And while this almost always worked initially, the acne would be back 3 months later in every single client. I didn’t understand because I was following everything I had been taught. I knew there had to be another way of treating the skin, I just needed to figure out what that method was.

My Personal Set Back
Shortly into my career, I had a pretty intense set back in my personal life. At the age of 23, I was in a relationship. We lived together, planned on getting married, had goals set, but then he died unexpectedly. Those following few years were really hard. The doctor who had tried to help him at the hospital had handed me a bottle of Adivan, in hopes that I wouldn’t harm myself. I wasn’t depressed though. I had just been traumatized. Those pills made me numb. I got addicted to them without knowing they were addictive. Yet once again, no doctor knew how to properly help me. I was told “just stop taking them” and “they’re not addictive”, but the withdrawal symptoms made me feel like I had gone crazy. So I ordered a bunch of books, researched everything that I could about psych meds and weened myself off of those pills successfully when no one else could.

It was this experience that started my own healing journey many years ago. I’ve continuously been reminded by the medical industry since then that I am my own best healer. I know my body better than anyone, but this was not always the case. It’s taken me a long time to get to this point.

The Creation of My Skin Care Line
At the beginning of 2007, I reconnected with someone that I had gone to school with, Chad, and two and a half years later, we got married. In 2010, we had our daughter, Elexas, and in 2013, our son, Brolin, was born.

Being a new mom, I became a lot more aware of what I was putting on my kids skin. I started researching into products and ingredients and realizing that many of the products that we were using had toxic ingredients in them, like carcinogens, hormone disruptors and skin irritants. As I researched more and more, it became increasingly difficult to find products that didn’t have toxic ingredients in them, so I started mixing ingredients together to make my own home-made products. After several months of research, my husband made a joke one day and said, “You know with all of the research that you’ve done, you might as well just create your own skin care line.” Little did he know how serious I would take that one comment.

A few months later, I enrolled into the Organic Skin Care Formulations Course at Formula Botanica, and launched my skin care line in 2015, which was called R Devine Skin Care at the time. The skin care line was a fairly large line, consisting of 17 all natural products, ranging from cleansers, to masks and body and bath products.

Within one year of launching my skin care line, I had 26 spas carrying my skin care line. I was running my business completely by myself and I was stressed!

At the time, with offering wholesale, I felt like all that was happening was complaints. Aestheticians complaining that some of their clients were still getting breakouts. Clients complaining that the spas were selling them the wrong products. I knew that these products all had ingredients that worked with the skin. I had done so much research into what ingredients worked for each skin type, tested every product multiple times, and yet we all had some clients that the products didn’t seem to work for. So, my research began.

My Breaking Point
Right around this same time, I started experiencing some intense acne breakouts myself. I had been using my products for an entire year with great success, but then suddenly, the acne came. I had never had acne in my entire life leading up to this time. I had only ever experienced eczema. I tried everything that I knew and understood about skin health, and nothing worked. None of it made sense. A few months after the breakouts had started, I lost the hearing in my left ear. I went to the doctor, who referred me to an ENT. I had multiple hearing tests, which showed my hearing loss. I had an MRI, which showed nothing at all. I saw multiple specialists who all came to the same conclusion – I was a mystery case because my ear health was perfectly fine and no one could figure out why I had randomly lost my hearing at such a young age. They told me I’d never get my hearing back. Then shortly after this, I developed chronic tonsillitis. It consistently came every 5-6 weeks for over a year. Again, I saw more doctors and specialists, and they decided that I needed to have my tonsils removed at the age of 36. They booked me in, but thankfully, an awakening happened for me and I never ended up getting that surgery.

I was in a store one day, and a complete stranger walked up to me and said, “Excuse me, but have you been having problems with your throat?”. A little freaked out, I hesitantly answered yes, and she told me that she was able to see my chakras and that my throat chakra was completely dim. She told me that I wasn’t living in alignment and that I was not speaking my truth where it was needed and that I was desperately needed to make a change for the sake of my health.

I never saw her again, but that brief encounter with her sure hit home for me. I was not living in alignment. I was stressed to the max. My skin care line had launched and grown far beyond what I was ready for. I was working way more than I wanted to. I was not spending the quality time with my husband and kids that I wanted to. I was being put under so much pressure from all of my wholesale accounts. And I was not speaking up for myself. I was working so hard to please everyone but myself, and my body was paying for it.

My Healing Journey
Two days later, I sent out an email to all of my wholesale partners telling them that I had to stop offering wholesale. That was the scariest email that I ever sent, but it was necessary for the sake of my health. I discontinued a few products that weren’t selling well, and scaled my line back to my most successful, popular products, and made an effort to spend way more time with my family. My tonsillitis never came back, and a month later, my hearing fully came back.

But the acne continued. So, like the beginning of most healing journey’s, I tried to change and improve my physical health:
I changed my diet,
I did a liver cleanse,
I tried cutting out meat,
I tried going vegan,
I tried healing my gut through supplements, diet, probiotics and cleanses.

But the breakouts still came.

I changed the way that I was exercising.
I started sleeping more.
I cut out caffeine and alcohol.
I was eating a “perfect” diet.
I was doing everything according to what a healthy person should and shouldn’t do, but the breakouts still came.

And then I was introduced to the lymphatic system, which is the drainage system of the body. I started working really hard to stimulate my lymphatic system in hopes that I would start ridding my body of excess bacteria. My skin improved, but not fully. I became really interested in face and neck massage, for this exact reason, so I hopped on a plane, all by myself, and travelled to New York to take an advanced holistic massage course.

During this course, the instructor started talking about acne, and how it’s often caused by repressed emotions. She talked about the nervous system, and how it impacts the health of the skin, and suddenly it all made sense. Everything I had ever been taught in school, and everything I had ever learned within the beauty industry had just been proven wrong, and it finally made sense.

I came home from that trip an entirely new person. I had a new perspective and I needed to learn more about it.

The next several months involved some very intense research into the nervous system. And as I learned about the nervous system, I learned about unhealed trauma. I learned how trauma changes us within at the cellular level, and how it all impacts our physical health. While so much time had gone by since my boyfriend at the age of 23 had died, and I had moved on, got married and started my own family, I had never really dealt with the trauma that the experience had caused for me. And for each layer of stress that I added on top of all of that, my nervous system became weaker and weaker. That was the real reason why I couldn’t handle the stress and pressure of running a successful business. My nervous system was too fragile for everything that I was dealing with (and avoiding), so my body had literally begun to breakdown.

The following two years involved some very intense inner-work. I worked with some extremely wonderful mentors and guides who helped me through releasing my past trauma, and introduced me to some extremely transformative exercises and tools that have helped me through my healing journey. It’s a journey that has not been easy. There have been many days of crying and complete mental exhaustion. There have been days of intense spiritual awakening and energetic and emotional release. This work has been intense, but it’s been worth every single step of the process and I am so grateful for what I’ve been through.

All of the work has led me to become the person that I am today. I am not at all the same person that I was two years ago. I have a completely different perspective on life now. I am gentle with myself and others. I am more resilient than I have ever been before. I have learned to set strong boundaries. And I have learned to connect with my intuition and I allow it to guide me through life. When we learn to connect with ourselves and fully trust our inner-voice over anything and anyone outside of ourselves, life dramatically changes for the better.

The Creation of Her Soul Intention
Throughout 2020 and 2021, while the pandemic has been extremely hard on so many, it’s also been an extremely transformative time for so many people, including myself. The breaks, the downtime, the extra time with myself and my family, has really allowed me more space to heal and the ability to get so much more clarity for my purpose in this life.

I have spent the past year and a half taking multiple trainings and obtaining certifications in the modalities that have helped me heal so that I can now share those same modalities with others to help them through their healing journey, which is where Her Soul Intention has been born.

While I still make and sell my skin care line, it has been rebranded because I completely outgrew my previous branding. Our skin health is very much tied to our emotions and the state of our nervous system. The skin care products that I create are very minimalist and are formulated to support the skin and encourage its natural processes. The rest of the work for optimal skin health must occur within. I have noticed that skin conditions are often the beginning of many women’s healing journeys, and I know that my purpose on this planet to support and guide women through that journey. If you need help with your skin beyond products, I offer 1-to-1 holistic skin mentoring sessions to provide you with education beyond what’s on my website, to help you thoroughly understand your skin.

Breathwork, in particular, has been extremely helpful for me, as well as understanding the balance between my feminine and masculine energies.. Working on my femininity and understanding the importance of that energy within me has also been very healing. Because these two modalities have been so transformative, they’re the main two that you’ll see as offerings on my website.

For more intense inner-work, like understanding past trauma, emotional healing and the nervous system, I also offer 1-to-1 inner-healing sessions where my teachings may also include inner-child work, holistic lifestyle and diet, the mind-body connection and mindset, nervous system support, stress-management, guided meditations, visualizations and journalling, intuitive movement for emotional release, and embodiment to get you out of your head and back into your body.

If you have any questions about any of my work, I’d love to hear from you. Please send me an email at

I look forward to working with you.

With love,