Your mind and body have a very important, often ignored, connection. How you treat your mind will affect your body, and how you treat your body will affect your mind.

I learned the hard way about the mind-body connection.

At the age of 36, I was experiencing some intense acne breakouts. I lost the hearing in my left ear. I developed chronic tonsillitis, which consistently came every 5-6 weeks for over a year. I had digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and extremely heavy periods. I saw countless doctors, specialists, and natural practitioners and was a mystery patient to every single one of them because every test that I had showed optimal health within me. No one could figure out the cause of my symptoms.

At the time, it seems as though I was doing everything right.

  • I was eating a holistic diet.
  • I was avoiding processed foods, dairy, gluten, caffeine, alcohol, the list goes on.
  • I was sleeping well.
  • I was exercising.

But the symptoms within my body were still there.

I was offered medications, supplements, dietary changes, but nothing worked.

And then I was introduced to the nervous system during a course that I attended in New York, and my entire life (and health) changed after that.

The one thing that every doctor, specialist and practitioner that I saw had missed asking me about through all of my appointments and tests that I had been through, was my level of stress and the health of my nervous system.

I had experienced quite a bit of trauma in my life (read my full story here), and while I thought I was fine from it all because so much time had gone by, I had never been taught how to fully heal and release it. What we ignore emotionally will surface physically in the body as chronic pain, skin conditions, sickness, ailments and disease. There’s no getting around it. Trauma stays stuck in our nervous system until we release it.

The medical industry misses this very vital connection. All of our symptoms stem from an imbalanced nervous system. There are many doctors who do understand the mind-body connection, however, the medical industry often criticizes the doctors who do understand and teach based on this vital connection.

Your nervous system, which is very much affected by your past trauma, emotional experiences, and how you perceive the world, is the most important system in your body. When it is imbalanced, you’ll live, without even knowing it, dominantly in your sympathetic nervous system, also known as “fight or flight”. In this state:

  • digestive and liver enzyme production decrease
  • the immune system and lymphatic system become compromised
  • breathing becomes short and shallow
  • heart rate and blood pressure rise
  • collagen and elastin breakdown
  • the list goes on and the body begins to age and breakdown

And then a domino effect occurs: digestion weakens, hormones go out of balance, and we slowly, or in some extreme cases, quickly get sick.

Doctors often suppress these symptoms with medications. Many natural practitioners will often treat the gut or hormones first, but what they should all be doing is supporting the nervous system first.

If your body is compromised, and your nervous system is halting your digestive enzyme production, how can we treat the gut first without having those vital enzymes there to break the food down?

If your nervous system is out of balance, cortisol (stress hormone) levels rise, which throw off all of the other hormones in the body, causing imbalances and other symptoms like acne, anxiety, thyroid and menstrual problems. How can we balance all of the hormones without first nurturing the nervous system in order to lower the cortisol?

The nervous system is the controller of the body. It’s the main switch board in the body that determines if you heal or get sick. When the nervous system is balanced and healthy, every other system in the body will follow into balance. But when the nervous system is out of balance, you’ll end up with a whole lot of unexplainable symptoms that continue to get worse, eventually leading to illness and disease if left imbalanced.

There are a lot of great tools that we can use to help balance the nervous system, like breathwork, vagus nerve stimulation, and meditation, but it’s also vital that we work on emotional healing, by dealing with past trauma, and learning to release that trauma, as well as stuck emotions and energetic blockages.

Breathwork, in particular, has been extremely helpful for me, but inner-work is often required. I offer 1-to-1 inner-healing sessions where my teachings may include inner-child work, holistic lifestyle and diet, the mind-body connection and mindset, nervous system support, stress-management, guided meditations, visualizations and journalling, intuitive movement for emotional release, and embodiment to get you out of your head and back into your body.