My Discovery of the Mind-Body Connection

I’m someone who has a very analytical mind and need to understand the entire process of how to get from point A to point B with no steps missing in between. If any step is missing, I’ll question it until I thoroughly understand it.

Back in 2017, I was experiencing a lot of different health issues. I had lost the hearing in my left ear, had major digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, extremely heavy, painful periods, acne breakouts like I had never had before, and chronic tonsillitis. The chronic tonsillitis consistently came every four weeks. I’d get a high fever, feel like I was swallowing razor blades and be flat out for days. This carried on for well over a year.

I saw multiple doctors, ENT’s for my ear and throat, and allergists… I wanted to know WHY my symptoms were occurring, but not one single professional had answers. I was told I’d never get my hearing back, that I’d need surgery for tonsils, and was offered steroids for my heavy periods, all of which I refused. I kept saying,

“If you could tell me WHY these symptoms are occurring, I could prevent them from continuing without surgery or steroids.”

But no one knew why they were occurring!

To me, surgery and suppressive meds wouldn’t fix the root cause, so the unresolved root cause would just continue elsewhere in my body.

Looking back now, not one single doctor ever asked me about my stress levels at the time.

At the time, a friend of mine told me to look into Louise Haye. She said tonsillitis occurred from not speaking my truth. This resonated for me at the time, but my analytical mind jumped in saying,

“Wait a minute… how does not speaking my truth cause inflammation in my tonsils?”

I wanted so badly to be open-minded, but it didn’t make sense to me on a biological level.

When I went to New York City in 2019 to learn Connective Tissue Massage for the Face and Neck we spent a large portion of our theory time talking about the nervous system and how stress impacts the physical body and the skin. A light-bulb went off for me and all of a sudden, the past few years started to make sense to me. I had been chronically stressed for several years, and did not know or even realize how it was impacting my nervous system or my body.

I came home from New York and started to research into the nervous system. I learned about the nervous system, past trauma, stress, breath work, and somatic healing. It was around this time that I discovered Gabor Mate, a Canadian medical doctor who noticed similarities between his patients diagnoses and their personal stories leading up to those diagnoses. He now dedicates his life to teaching the mind-body connection, and the connection between our trauma, emotional experiences and our symptoms and disease. Little by little, my symptoms all started to make a lot more sense.

Then in 2020, I to Germanic Healing Knowledge and the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, and suddenly, every step of the entire process of what happens in the body within the mind-body connection was perfectly mapped out in front of me.

All of the questions that all of the doctors could not answer, were fully explained through these natural laws and IT. ALL. MADE. SENSE.

The 5 Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge explain, step by step, what happens in the body from the moment an emotional conflict occurs, to how the body adapts, the biological purpose of the adaptation, and exactly what happens inside of the body and why. Once you understand this, you understand how to resolve your symptoms without any confusion.

We always think that our bodies are failing us when we experience symptoms, but that’s not the case at all, ever! It’s the exact opposite. There is no uncertainty in the natural biological processes of the human body. Uncertainty only exists because of the current lack of understanding.

In 2022, I completely my Germanic Healing Knowledge Practitioners course so that I can use this knowledge to help my clients heal their skin and bodies.

The work that I do surrounding skin and fully body health, determining root causes, and understanding how to heal symptoms (without the need for elimination diets or hormonal balancing) comes from my very deep understanding of Germanic Healing Knowledge and the mind-body connection.


About Rachel Devine

I’m a Holistic Skin Therapist, Germanic Healing Knowledge Educator, Somatic Healing Therapist and a Breathwork Coach. I am here to help you deeply understand and nurture your skin, discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your inner-healing. I’ve been through my own deep healing journey for the past decade. I am now certified in many of the holistic healing modalities that I’ve used to heal my own skin and body. By working with me, I’ll help you deeply connect to your body, so that you can better understand your skin and then heal it for good, naturally.