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Learn the basics of Germanic Healing Knowledge in “Beyond Holistic Medicine” with Andi Locke-Mears, my very own GHK Teacher and Mentor. This is a 4 week online program will teach you everything that you need to know about the 5 Biological Laws in order to understand and heal your own body.

Is This You?

  • Are you interested in health and healing?
  • Like learning outside of the box?
  • Have a passion for science?
  • Have a feeling there is more to disease than what you’ve been taught?
  • Are you tired of having symptoms?
  • Have you tried everything you can think of without the results you want?
  • Do you want to understand your symptoms or disease from a difference perspective?
  • Want to feel empowered with your health?

There is wisdom in your body that was unknown until now; it’s time to learn how to access it!

If You Knew GNM/GHK, You Would…

  • Stop guessing about why you have the symptoms you have.
  • Understand how to resolve your symptoms once and for all.
  • Gain more knowledge in how and when to use modern medicine.
  • Realize that you really can trust your body and its innate wisdom.

“Andi is my own Germanic Healing Knowledge teacher and mentor. It’s because of her and her knowledge that I now work from 5 Biological Laws. This knowledge has changed my life and my health, and I know that it will change yours as well.” – Rachel Devine | Her Soul Intention

You Will Learn:

  • The underlying cause of your symptoms and of all diseases
  • The two phases of the disease process
  • The beneficial role of microbes
  • Why and how symptoms are part of an intelligent and meaningful process
  • How to resolve your ongoing symptoms with 3 simple steps
  • How the psyche-brain-organ connection is hard-wired for survival
  • The new role of nutrition, supplements, holistic medicine, pharmaceuticals, surgery, etc.
  • How we create chronic symptoms
  • The new definition of “metastasis”.

In Addition:

  • All the information is in accordance with the 5 Biological Laws of Nature.
  • This information is beyond body/mind/spirit medicine while working with the body/mind/spirit medicine
  • Discovered by a M.D. over 35 years ago with ongoing research since then.
  • Verifiable by brain CT scans (it is not necessary to have a CT scan).

Program Overview

Welcome and Intro Module

  • Welcome & Intro Video
  • Course Essentials
  • Activity Downloads
  • Glossary o Terms – A Must Have!
  • Teleconference Schedule
  • Monday Teleconference Zoom Link
  • CEU Requirements
  • Part 1 – BHM Handout
  • Part 2 – BHM Handout
  • The Psychic Roots of Disease Resource
  • GHK/GNM Buddy List
  • Join our GNM/GHK Community
  • Need Help? Here’s how to get it!

Part 1

Module 1 – Laying the Groundwork

  • Lesson 1 Video – Your Mind and New Anatomy
  • Lesson 2 Video – How it All Began
  • Activity Sheet 1 Video
  • Lesson 3 Video – 2nd Biological Law an the Two Phase Pattern
  • Lesson 4 Video – Conflict Shock and Stress
  • Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 – Let’s Go Deeper

  • Lesson 5 Video Conflict Subjectivity, Why Do We Have Symptoms?
  • Activity Sheet 2
  • Lesson 6 Video – Rule of Laterality
  • Lesson 7 Video – Three Programs and CA Phase
  • Activity Sheet 3
  • Module 2 Quiz

Module 3 – In-Depth Info

  • Lesson 8 Video – PCL Phase
  • Lesson 9 Video – The Epileptoid Crisis
  • Lesson 10 Video – Real Examples
  • Lesson 11 Video – PCL Phase B
  • Activity Sheet 4
  • Module 3 Quiz

Module 4 – Completing the Biological Laws

  • Lesson 12 Video – 3rd Biological Law
  • Lesson 13 Video – 4th Biological Law
  • Activity Sheet 5
  • Lesson 14 Video – The New Language and the 5th Biological Law
  • Module 4 Quiz

Module 5 – Three Important Topics

  • Lesson 15 Video – Chronic Conditions Part 1
  • Lesson 16 Video – Chronic Conditions Part 2
  • Lesson 17 Video – “Metastasis”
  • Activity Sheet 6
  • Module 5 Quiz

Part 2

Module 1 – How to Use This Info for Your Own Health

  • Activity Downloads for Part II
  • Lesson 1A Video – How to Find Answers
  • Lesson 1B Video – KCT SBS
  • Activity 7 Video
  • Part 2 – Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 – The New Role of the “Fun” Stuff

  • Lesson 2 Video – The New Role of the “Fun Stuff” i.e. Nutrition, Herbs, & Homepathy, etc.
  • Lesson 2 Quiz
  • Lesson 3 Video – The New Role of Pharmaceuticals
  • Lesson 3 Quiz
  • Lesson 4 Video – How to Apply this
  • Activity 8
  • Lesson 4 Quiz

Module 3 – Case Studies – See How GHK is applied

  • Lesson 1 Video – Case Studies
  • Lesson 2 Video – Case Studies
  • Module 3 Quiz

Module 4 – Extras, Next Steps & Evaluation

  • Next Steps and Evaluation
  • Downgrading Fear
  • GNM Success Stories


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