Refined vs Unrefined Ingredients in Skin Care

What is better for the skin, refined oils or unrefined oils?

There are a lot of DIY skin care recipes on the Internet, that show you how to mix oils and ingredients from your kitchen cabinets to help you save money.

The main problem with DIY recipes is that I’ve never seen any of them talk about the quality of the oils or the difference between refined and unrefined oils when it comes to skin care.

Not all oils are created equally, and the quality of oils in skin care is so much more important than what most people realize. Some oils are rich and thick, others are light and quickly absorbable. Some oils are great for the skin, others are not! Some oils are highly processed, others are pure – and that’s where the importance of refined oils and unrefined oils in skin care comes into play.

In the photo here on the left, you see two oils in clear glasses. Both of these oils in the photo are avocado oil. The avocado oil on the left is a pale yellow oil, which I purchased from the grocery store. This is avocado oil that is used for cooking. The dark-green oil that you see on the right, is the avocado oil that I use in Her Soul Intention Skin Care.

The pale yellow avocado oil on the left side of the photo is refined avocado oil. As I already mentioned, this oil was purchased from the grocery store, and if you were to create your own face oil at home from one of those DIY recipes, you’d most likely use this one.

The Oil on the Left – Refined Oil

Refined oils are a lot less expensive than unrefined oils are. They go through a very high temperature refining process, resulting in a highly processed, chemical-filled oil that has a longer shelf life and can be cooked at a higher temperature, making it more ideal for grocery stores to sell. Refined oils are best for deep-frying because they have a much lower smoking point.

The main problem with refined oils is that the refining process removes almost all of the vitamins, nutrients and natural elements from the oils. It also increases the amount of trans fat in them and causes them to oxidize much quicker. In fact, most of the oils that you purchase from the grocery store are already oxidized when you purchase them, making them pretty useless for the skin. Oxidized oils are definitely not ideal for graceful aging and provide no benefit for the skin at all.

You can see in the photo that the oil on the left has had its vibrant, rich, vitamin-rich colour fully removed from it during the refining process.

The Oil on the Right – Unrefined Oil

Unrefined oils, like the Avocado that you see on the right hand side, which is the Avocado oil that I use in Her Soul Intention Skin Care, is a lot healthier for your skin than refined oils are.

The extraction process for unrefined oils does not use any heat. These oils are mechanically extracted using a cold-press method. This extraction process leaves the oil as close to its natural form as possible, retaining its aromas, rich colours, vitamins, nutrients and natural elements.

This oil is far better for the skin, providing it with vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. It is also still rich in antioxidants, which is a great for graceful aging and it is also deeply moisturizing for the skin.

You may have already noticed the rich colours of the oils in Her Soul Intention Skin Care. Developing skin care products using only unrefined oils that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients is one of the main reasons for the high efficacy of my skin care products. You cannot get these same effective, healthy results using any of the oils from the grocery store.


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