Should I Get Botox?

“Should I get Botox” is a question that I get asked A LOT! I know that some of you get Botox, so please know that this blog post is strictly for educational purposes only, and that my space here remains judgement free, as always.

What is Botox?

Botox, also known as Botulinum Toxin, is one of the strongest neurotoxins known on the planet. Often used for cosmetic purposes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, Botox is injected into the muscles of face. There are no real studies that show the long-term effects of injecting a neurotoxin into your face, especially when it’s close to your brain. Personally, the idea of it makes me fearful for later down the road. To me, that’s not worth the risk of having an “ageless” face. Our intricate being that is our body deserves more than that kind of vanity.

How It Works

When injected into the muscle, Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. This causes a temporary paralysis of the injected muscle, preventing it from being able to contract and therefore, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This way of minimizing the signs of aging is not natural. This temporary paralyzation of the facial muscles causes a restriction in the very vital flow of movement in the skin. This flow is necessary for long-term skin health and graceful aging. When we restrict blood flow and lymphatic flow in the skin, the skin cannot function optimally. In fact, it can’t successfully detoxify itself, or obtain the full amount of nutrients or oxygen from the blood that it needs. Because of this, the skin becomes dull, devitalized, and congested overtime. Each time the Botox wears off, you’ll notice the signs of aging more prominently, and you’ll continue wanting Botox again and again, until eventually your muscle becomes permanently paralyzed (and that’s also after a whole lot of neurotoxins).

Lastly, we want to choose treatments that support our nervous system, allowing us to enter into the parasympathetic nervous system. Painful treatments, like injections and chemical peels, cause the body to enter the sympathetic nervous system, which can actually cause the body to age faster in the long run. To learn more about how our nervous system and aging are connected, please read my previous post Anti-Aging Treatments and the Nervous System.

What is a Natural Alternative to Botox?
Face Massage such as:

  • lymphatic drainage,
  • gua sha for lifting, and
  • connective tissue massage for releasing tension, while stimulating the skin’s collagen and elastin production

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