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The Confusion of the Root Cause of Your Skin Symptoms Ends Here!

When you work with me, I take the guessing game out of your skin symptoms for you and teach you to deeply understand your skin and your body on the biological level. I will help you understand WHY your skin conditions are occurring. Your long venture of trying product after product, guessing which foods are causing your symptoms, and taking multiple supplements to balance your gut and hormones ends here.

Food intolerances, an unhealthy gut, and imbalanced hormones are NOT the root cause of your skin symptoms. In fact, these are all symptoms too. They are NOT root causes.

The conventional beauty and medical industries are based on the theory that skin conditions, like acne and eczema, are caused by bacteria and fungi. They use harsh cleansers, exfoliants and creams, as well as antibiotics to clear these skin conditions.

The naturopathic industry is based on theory that skin conditions are caused from food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances. They treat these conditions with strict elimination diets, and isolated supplements.

The holistic industry believes a combination of both – that bacteria, diet and hormones all play a role in skin conditions. While they take a much more gentle approach to bacteria, the root causes here are still highly misunderstood.

All of these theories try to convince us that the human body is constantly failing us in one way or another, and that we need to take over, manipulate and control the body. This idea is wrong and is certainly not convenient or effective in the long-term!

What all of these industries fail to miss are the Germanic Healing Knowledge and the Five Biological Laws, and the biological adaptation phase (explained below) of the human body, as well as the biological purpose of the bacteria and fungi that are the site of all skin conditions. This knowledge and understanding of the body are explained through the Five Biological Laws.

All Symptoms Have a Biological Purpose

Nothing in nature is meaningless, including the symptoms that develop in the human body!

The human body has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. While we have evolved over the years, like the shape of our jaw changing, the human body is still hard-wired for life in the wild. We’re not meant to be living these modern day lifestyles, nor have we been living these modern day lifestyles long enough to have evolved out of our natural, biological roots.

The human body’s top priority is homeostasis, and it achieves this through continuously adapting to our external circumstances, and then reversing those adaptations when the adaptation is no longer required.

Think about when you turn a corner, and something/someone unexpected is there that scares you… You jump, your heart starts racing, your breath becomes fast and shallow, and your blood sugar rushes to your muscles. This is a biological adaptation to give you the stamina and the strength needed to flee the situation. The whole purpose of this is to help you survive any and all potential danger.

Just like these adaptive responses, every other symptom that we experience, including acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer, is a meaningful, purposeful and highly intelligent biological adaptation to the circumstances that the body has been presented with. When we understand this, we also understand exactly why skin symptoms are occurring and how to resolve them. It’s the lack of this understanding that causes so much confusion and misinformation when it comes to skin conditions.

What the beauty industry refers to as “skin symptoms”, are actually biological adaptations that are hard-wired and deeply programmed into the human body for the purpose of survival. The conventional beauty industry, and the majority of the holistic industry are completely unaware of the entire adaptation phase that the body goes through before the symptoms even occur!

The Adaptation Phase

Germanic Healing Knowledge and the Five Biological Laws explains that all of our symptoms begin with an unexpected, unanticipated situation. The body then enters into survival mode (the sympathetic nervous system), initiating a biological program within the body to help us adapt and resolve the conflict as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Germanic Healing Knowledge and the Five Biological Laws apply to all living creatures, humans, animals, sea creates, and even plants. In the animal kingdom, all conflicts (that unexpected, unanticipated situation) occur in literal terms. So, for example, a starvation conflict is going to be caused by the animal literally starving. The animal’s body quickly adapts in order survive as long and efficiently as possible until food can be found. However, for humans, our conflicts can be literal or figurative, because we’re the only living beings who have the “thinking” part of the brain. For us, a figurative starvation conflict can be the loss of a job or the loss of money (how will we get money to eat and survive?).

The only time this law does not apply is when the symptoms are being caused by:
1. Poisoning
2. A Mechanical Issue (like when you cut or burn yourself while cooking)
3. Severe Vitamin Deficiencies/Malnutrition (third world countries, the McDonald’s diet)

If none of these apply to your current skin symptoms, which they very rarely do when it comes to acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc., then that means that your body is running a biological program that it started in order to help you adapt to an unexpected, unanticipated stressful situation or event.

When an unexpected stressful situation occurs, your psyche immediately sends a message to your brain. At this exact moment, a circular marking will appear in the brain, which can be seen on a CT scan. Your brain then sends a message to either a particular organ or tissue to start a biological program in order to help you adapt and survive the situation in the best way possible. In the situation of skin conditions, the brain sends the message to either the dermal layer of the skin (acne, hyperpigmentation, athlete’s foot, skin cancer, etc.) or the epidermal layer of the skin (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, cold sores, etc.).

Let’s look at these two biological programs specifically:

The Dermis

The dermal skin program applies to: acne, hyperpigmentation, moles, melanoma, athlete’s foot, sebaceous cysts, skin and nail fungus, body odour, neurofibroma, etc.

So, this could mean:

  • unwanted words being thrown at you in an argument
  • feeling “stabbed in the back”, worrying that someone is talking behind your back, or being guilty of gossiping behind someone else’s back (back acne)
  • a physical attack, like over-cleansing, scrubbing, or picking your skin (vicious cycle)
  • an emotional attack on oneself through self criticism
  • thinking that your skin is dirty (something repulsive splashed on your skin, or you think the acne bacteria is “bad” and therefore, need to clean it away)

When we experience an “attack”, the psyche perceives it as a threat, sends a message to the brain, which sends a message to the skin to start proliferating (growing) extra skins cell. This happens to create extra “protection” or “cushioning”, so that biologically, your body feels better equipped to handle the conflict.

This is how acne begins. At this point, you’ll feel a little bump under the skin, and will think, “Oh no! I’m getting a pimple”. It’s vital that you leave it alone at this point, because if you disrupt this process by “attacking it” through squeezing, scrubbing and picking, you’ll end up with more pimples because of how this biological program works.

Once you resolve the conflict, the body sends either bacteria or fungi to the proliferated cells to breakdown the cell growth. These cells are no longer needed for our protection. This is when we see inflammation and pus. At this point, your body is already healing the breakout in order to return the skin to homeostasis. It’s getting rid of the built up cells that are no longer needed for your “protection”. This is the exact reason why we don’t want to kill the bacteria, like dermatologists and many skin care lines will come in and do. The bacteria is there to assist the healing, it’s NOT the cause of the breakout.

The Epidermis

The epidermal skin program applies to: eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, cold sores, cradle cap, neurodermatitis, rosacea, solar allergy, diaper rash, chicken pox, Basal cell carcinoma, gray hair, hair loss, dandruff, cracks in the skin, scarlet fever, scleroderma, vitiligo, warts, etc.

The epidermal program is activated via a separation conflict experienced as a “loss of physical contact” (biological purpose explained below).

A separation conflict can mean:

  • being separated from someone you don’t want to be separated from (common in babies and kids when mom goes back to work or daycare begins),
  • wanting to separate from someone that you can’t get away from (common in school age years with bullying, or at home/workplace where arguments, scolding or punishment may take place)
  • wanting to separate from a place or something close to the skin (face mask, clothing, shoes, wet diapers), or
  • having to separate from something that one is no longer allowed or able to touch (a toy, musical instrument, steering wheel).

At the moment of separation, the psyche sends a message to your brain that activates a biological program in the epidermis. In this case, we’ll have cellular loss in the epidermis. While this cell loss is often not visible at first, symptoms during this stage will cause the skin to become dry, rough, flaky, pale, or cold due to poor blood circulation. Eventually, the skin may crack causing fissures that may bleed. Short-term memory loss may also occur (think ADHD and Dementia), so that we “forget” the pain of the separation.

On the scalp, the flaky skin shows as dandruff. Deep ulceration of the epidermal skin will cause hair loss. This can apply to pets as well.

Because of the loss of epidermal cells, the sensitivity of the skin decreases, so that on a biological/physical level, we don’t “feel” the pain of the separation. If the separation conflict is severe, the skin can become completely numb.

Once the separation conflict is resolved (child is back home with mom, we’re away from negative coworkers on weekends etc), the body will send mycobacteria to the site of the cell loss, where they will work as little construction workers to rebuild the cells that were lost. Both the conventional medical industry and the conventional beauty industry blame the mycobacteria as being the cause of the eczema, however, what both industries are completely missing, is the initial adaptation phase of the cell loss. The mycobacteria is not there to harm you. It’s actually there to assist in the healing phase in order to return your skin to homeostasis.

It is during this cell proliferation/restoration stage that the skin swells up, becomes red, inflamed, irritated, itchy, and sensitive to the touch. Small fluid-filled edemas may appear as blisters. This is when you’ll be diagnosed with eczema, dermatitis, a fungal infection, or a long-list of other possible skin conditions as mentioned above.

After all cell loss has been fully replenished, the blisters dry up and the skin normalizes, provided there are no conflict relapses (meaning the separation conflict does not reoccur or get triggered).

The most common treatment for this type of “skin condition” is topical steroids. They kill the mycobacteria and completely halt the healing phase, therefore, temporarily reducing the symptoms. This makes the skin “appear” to be doing better, however, the skin will flare right back up after the treatment is done, in order to continue rebuilding those lost cells, or the cell loss may never be replenished if you fully kill all of the bacteria that’s needed to restore those cells.

When we understand that the mycobacteria is there to assist in the healing of any skin conditions occurring in the epidermal layer of the skin, and that they are not the cause of the skin conditions, then we come to the understanding that these forms of treatment are more harmful than they are beneficial.

Chronic Skin Conditions

You skin conditions become chronic, like long-term acne or eczema, for two reasons:

1. The Initial Conflict Keeps Getting Re-Triggered:

Let’s look at an example…

A 2 year old child goes to daycare for the very first time. He has never been separated from his mother before, and then suddenly, his mom drops him off at this strange place, with a bunch of strange people. His psyche immediately perceives his mother leaving as a potential threat to his survival.

The moment his mother leaves the daycare, he goes into a biological program, and he starts experiencing cell loss in the epidermal layer of his skin. The biological purpose of this cell loss, is to temporarily loss feeling in the skin so that the child does “not feel the pain of the separation” on the physical, biological level.

At the end of the day, mom picks him from daycare, and his separation conflict is resolved. He’s back with his mother again. At this point, his skin goes into healing. Mycobacteria are sent to the epidermis layer of the skin, and they start working to rebuild the cells that were lost while he was at daycare. His skin becomes red, itchy and inflamed as the mycobacteria work hard to rebuild these cells.

However, the next morning, before all of those cells have been fully replenished, the boy is dropped off a daycare again, where he is separated from mom one again. His body has moved back into the adaptation phase, where the cell loss begins to occur all over again. Now, every time this body is separated from his mother, whether it be at daycare, on with a babysitter on the weekends, his body will reactivate this program, making his eczema chronic. This program will continue to run on and off until either the separation conflict stops, or until he matures enough to change his perception on what being separated from mom means (he no longer perceives being away from mom as a threat). It is the latter reason here, that causes children to mysteriously “grow out of” their skin condition.

Your Psyche and Nervous System Have Recorded “Tracks”:

At the time of any conflict (that unexpected, unanticipated stressful/distressing situation mentioned above), our psyche takes note of our environment, and everything connected to our senses in that moment. Anything around us that is connected to our senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, feeling) at the time of this shock may now be associated as a “perceived danger or threat”, and can become tracks.

Let’s look at an example…

A girl is eating a piece of toast at the kitchen table. Her dad comes home from work and starts yelling at her because she left the garage door open. He had a bad day and his level of anger is completely unnecessary and unfair. This situation is stressful, was unexpected, and her psyche perceives it as an “attack conflict”. Two days later, a pimple appears on her forehead.

A week later, she bites into a piece of toast, and her psyche moves into high alert… the last time she ate bread (remember the toast she was eating when dad yelled at her) “danger” occurred, so her psyche signals her brain and the biological program of an attack conflict begins again just in case that same attack happens again while she’s eating toast.

Her nervous system now perceives the bread as unsafe, because it’s associating the bread with the attack conflict. Two days later, more pimples appear.

After awhile, the girl starts to notice that every time she eats gluten, new breakouts appear. She thinks she’s developed a gluten intolerance, so she unhappily starts avoiding gluten. If she was to get an allergy test, gluten would show up because her psyche perceives the gluten as a threat and is responding accordingly.

But her new “intolerance” is not actually an intolerance. Her body isn’t allergic to gluten. Her body is responding because of its association with a previous stressful situation.

Intolerances, sensitivities and allergies can be healed. It’s really freeing when you can slowly begin eating foods again without fear or reactions.

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