How to Perform Our Skin ReSet Routine

If you’re new to natural skin care or if you have a compromised skin barrier, we highly recommend starting off with our Skin ReSet routine, which will reset your skin’s natural processes and rebuild your skin’s natural protective barrier, for optimal skin health and a radiant glow! Once you’ve reset your skin, you can move on to our Daily Minimalist Routine.

The beauty industry teaches us to do way too much to our skin. We over-cleanse. We over-exfoliate. We over-moisturize. We are taught to force the skin to act how we want it to act.

While all of our products at Her Soul Intention are very effective and supportive, some of our products can be mixed together for even higher results. Our Skin ReSet Routine mixes Sacred Calm Soothing Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer and Radiant Soul Brightening Mask to help rebuild your skin’s natural protective barrier and reset your skin’s natural processes.

If you’ve been using soaps or harsh products up until now, there’s a really good chance that your very delicate acid mantle and protective barrier are both compromised.

When we support the skin with natural ingredients that support the skin’s natural processes and respect its acid mantle, protective barrier and microbiome, rather than forcing it to act in unnatural ways, we nourish the skin, balance the skin and enable it to truly glow.

The Skin ReSet routine is ideal for:

  • compromised skin barriers
  • acne-prone skin
  • anyone who has been over-doing their routine and needs to reset their skin
  • anyone new to natural skin care

By combining Sacred Calm Soothing Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer and Radiant Soul Brightening Mask, you will:

  • Nourish your skin
  • Support your skin’s natural pH level
  • Rebuild your skin’s protective barrier
  • Feed your skin’s microbiome (yep, just like the gut microbiome, but this one lives on the skin)

How To Combine The Products

Even though both of these products are from our regular line, the way that they are used in this routine is different.

Morning Routine

Please watch the video below for the full morning routine.

Evening Routine

The evening routine consists of oil cleansing and moisturizing with the Skin ReSet morning moisturizing routine (see video above for the moisturizing combination)

  • Apply about a nickel to quarter size amount of Sacred Calm to dry skin. Wet your fingertips and massage into your skin for 30-60 seconds to lift dirt and debris.
  • Using a damp cloth, gently wipe your face to remove Sacred Calm.
  • If you wear heavy makeup, a double cleanse might be necessary.
  • Moisturize the same way that you do in the morning routine by combining a small dab of Radiant Soul, with two pumps of Sacred Calm, and three drops of water. Mix in your hand and apply to skin.
Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin

The products will reset your skin on the outside, and Rachel’s Daily Massage for Healthy Skin will help improve your skin health from the inside-out.

The skin that we treat topically with skin care products is only 0.1 mm thick, and it’s underneath this layer of skin where all of the life occurs:

  • blood circulation that brings nutrients and fresh oxygen to the skin
  • lymphatic flow to help remove cellular waste and toxins from the skin cells
  • connective tissue, where collagen and elastin are produced and hydration is stored

These layers of skin can be encouraged and supported through gentle massage, which is why, at Her Soul Intention Skin Care, we are so adamant about adding self massage into your daily topical skin care routine.

When you combine your topical skin care routine with daily self massage, your skin will dramatically improve from the inside-out. Your skin tone will even out and I ensure you that your skin will even begin to naturally glow overtime.

Rachel created the Daily Self Massage for the Face and Neck for you. We recommend performing this massage once a day, every day, or as often as you can. It’s only five minutes long and will really help to improve the natural functioning of your skin.

To begin the massage, apply a little Sacred Calm or Sacred Light, take some deep breaths into your belly, and enjoy some much needed self touch, while improving the appearance of your skin.


About Rachel Devine

Hi! I'm Rachel Devine, a Holistic Practitioner and the founder of Her Soul Intention. I help you understand and resolve your skin and health symptoms, so you can let go of the fear and confusion surrounding your symptoms, without the need for any elimination diets or strict protocols. My full approach to health and wellness is based on the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge.