Stop Picking Your Skin!

If you have already read my blog post on the Biological Root Cause of Acne, the reason why I’m telling you to stop picking your skin and popping your pimples probably won’t come as a surprise. However, if you’re not familiar with the Biological Root Cause of Acne, then I suggest that you keep reading, and also make sure that you check out this blog post.

Most people, as soon as they see a pussy pimple on their face or as soon as they see blackheads or clogged pores, they immediately want to pop the pimple and squeeze and pick their skin. While I understand why you don’t want a pussy pimple on your face, popping that pimple and squeezing and picking away at your skin is the absolute last thing that you should do.

Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons why you should stop picking your skin:

  • If you “attack” your skin by popping, picking and squeezing, your skin is going to fight back by proliferating more skin cells in order to protect itself from you. Anytime that the skin is physically attacked, or your psyche perceives a figurative attack, your skin starts proliferating extra skin cells in order to create “protection” or “cushioning” so that the skin is better equipped to handle further attacks on the biological level. That means that when you pick your skin, more pimples and clogged pores are going to form. By doing picking your skin and popping your pimples, you’re actually creating a very vicious cycle that is going to perpetuate your acne, not heal it.
  • When your skin has proliferated cells, like mentioned above, it’s bacteria that comes in to break those cells down in order to return your skin back to homeostasis. By popping the pimple and releasing this bacteria, you destroy and remove the bacteria that is responsible for breaking down the cell growth. If the bacteria is not there to break the cells down, there is a possibility that you may be left with permanent nodules and acne scars.

Instead of picking:

  • Massage your skin (using Sacred Calm) with the absolute most loving, nurturing intention (your massage intention matters)
  • Apply some ice or a cold compress to the pimple of temporarily provide relief and decrease some of the inflammation
  • Take a break from the mirror – self criticism can also perpetuate acne, so it’s best to stay away from the mirror while your skin heals
  • Write 3 things that you’re grateful in a gratitude journal + 3 things that you love about yourself (inside or out).

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