The Embodied Feminine

Back in tribal days, women understood the power of our intense, beautiful feminine energy. They knew the importance and the power of harnessing their inner wisdom. It was the women that held the roots of the tribe together. They prepared food. They took care of their children. They listened to each other and shared stories. They created things with their hands. These tribal women shared a very sacred bond to each other, to the earth and to the moon cycle.

But because we have become so caught up in the material world, in competition, achievement and success, our hormones and our psych are no longer able find equilibrium between the masculine and feminine roles that we played for centuries, so we have become deeply out of balance. We’ve become stressed. We’ve become unhappy. And because of this, we’ve developed many health problems, especially in relation to our hormones and menstrual cycles.

Women, when we’re able to reconnect with our soul’s essence, are magnetic. We are gentle and soft in a way that allows us to carry great inner strength and power. We are grounded and connected to ourselves, the Earth and the universe. Women are the manifestation of the life-force energy and we are here, right now in this moment, to heal ourselves and those around us.

But, along the way, we have been disconnected from our bodies. Our strong desire to be seen as equal to men has caused so many imbalances, not only within our society, but also within our health and our relationships. We have been taught to compete with men, rise to the top, be driven, and stubbornly independent, but imbalance is causing so many unnecessary problems. Women experience both physical and mental health issues, and our relationships are not like they used to be. Our society has changed and conditioned us so much over the past couple of decades that we have completely forgotten the biological and ancestral roots of our femininity.

I am not saying that women should not desire success or recognition, but we seem to be doing it all for the wrong reasons. We have lost our purpose as women, and that’s why we have so many imbalances, so much stress and so much unhappiness within us. We have been looking for validation in all of the wrong places. We put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves. But that’s not who we are deep in our roots.

It is time for us to reconnect with our feminine roots.

Women are magical beings. We are all natural nurturers, caregivers and healers. We have a strong biological desire within us to connect with other women. We were born to be free. We were born to connect with our intuition, to be guided by it and follow it, but we’ve been disconnected. We were not designed to be stuck in an office building all day, stressing over success and achievement, and feeling guilty for being away from our children and families.

And while many women cannot walk away from this lifestyle that our society has created for us, what we can do is reconnect to our inner-feminine to experience that magical goddess within each and every one of us.

The feminine is here to compliment the masculine (and vice versa), so that we can have healthy, happier lives and relationships again. We are not here to compete with each other. The feminine and the masculine are meant to compliment each other so that we can create more ease, balance and love for ourselves and within our relationships and our society. Those of us who are here right now, are meant to break the unhealthy, conditioned cycle that society has created. We are amazing, magical, magnetic, playful, sensual beings and we need to remember this deep within our cores so we can return ourselves to our essence.

When Your Feminine Energy is Empowered:

  • Your intuition guides you through life gracefully and is the only strategy you’ll need to follow
  • You don’t let external circumstances heavily influence your feelings or decisions
  • You are comfortable in your own skin, take optimal care of yourself and embrace your sensuality
  • The health and quality of your relationships are your priority
  • You won’t let anyone drain your energy because you deeply know your self worth
  • You trust life because you trust yourself

So, how do we become more feminine in a world that encourages us to suppress our natural roots?

  • Intuitively dance and play
  • Be vulnerable
  • Practice compassion with yourself and others
  • Slow down
  • Use your hands to create
  • Follow your intuition
  • Surrender
  • Be open to receiving
  • Nourish yourself
  • Rest when your body tells you to
  • Ask for help
  • Invite that sensual, playful, magical woman within you to come out and shine
  • Join a community of like-minded women

I created the Embodied Feminine Experience to help you rediscover the feminine within you. Women heal best in small, close communities, being vulnerable with other like-minded women, supporting each other, and encouraging each other.

This 90 minute experience will be offered in small, intimate groups each month, virtually, so no matter where you are in the world, you can join us. This fun, relaxing experience will allow you to turn off your mind and drop back into your body so that you can be present with yourself, reflect and become more aware of your needs.

Embodied Feminine Experience will include:

  • Meditation and Breathwork
  • Education to Help You Better Understand Your Body (each month will include a different topic)
  • Journalling and Self Reflection
  • Intuitive Movement/Dance/Embodiment Exercises to Release Stagnant Energy and Emotions (cameras can be off if you prefer)
  • Letting Go of What No Longer Serves Us
  • Forgiving Ourselves and Others
  • Sharing Circle (participation is optional)