What Causes Premature Aging?

According to the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge, premature aging occurs, on the bio-logical level, due to self-devaluation and loss of self-worth.

When “I am not ____ enough” is sensed by the psyche, cellular loss can occur in the any of the muscles, connective tissue, bones, joints and lymphatic system. I know cellular loss doesn’t sound helpful, but when this (untrue) belief is resolved within, the lost cells are replenished by brand new, much stronger cells, making the body stronger, and more efficient at the end of the program (biological purpose). But what happens if the self devaluation conflict isn’t resolved, because of our highly toxic society?

The human body is hard-wired for survival.

Anytime there’s a potential threat, including a self-devaluation conflict, the body adapts in order to make you stronger and more efficient, in attempt to resolve the self-devaluation. In the wild, biological conflicts are very short-lived. So if you were feeling not strong enough for a certain task, say getting food, the body would adapt in that moment to help make you stronger in order to resolve that conflict. If we still lived biologically, there would be no need for a conflict to last longer than a day or two. However, in today’s society, because we are living so strongly against our innate biology, the body can be stuck in adaptation, experiencing cellular loss for weeks, months, sometimes even years.

And this isn’t a sign of the body doing anything wrong. It’s not failing you. It’s actually trying really hard to help you. This is an ancient program that’s been hardwired into the human body for thousands of years. It helped us survive until now. However, when we are living so against our biology, we have to expect that we are going to experience imbalance now because of that.

If you get sucked into the highly-toxic “anti-aging” fad that is currently going on in our world, and you don’t resolve that within yourself, you may activate a self-devaluation conflict, and experience cellular loss in your muscles or your connective tissue, leading to premature aging if left unresolved.

Think of the irony when the entire beauty industry quite literally preys on and profits off our insecurities. We’re made to feel like we’re never enough because that’s what sells.

The beauty industry tells us to turn to them in order to anti-age, so people run out and spend thousands of dollars on expensive products, trendy peels, injections, and even surgery.

But if you feel devalued within yourself, because of lifelong conditioning that you have not reconciled within your subconscious mind, all of these expensive treatments and trends are not going to resolve the biological program that’s running within you. It might temporarily resolve it, but in order to truly “anti-age” you have to go within. You have to let go of all of the unhelpful, untrue beliefs that you have stuck within your subconscious identity, and then unravel and dis-cover the lack of truth within those believes, and learn to accept, love and value yourself within.

This anti-aging trend is so toxic, and is quite literally causing people to age more rapidly in the long run.

I help you discover the truth of who you really are in my coaching sessions. I walk you through self inquiry, to help you realize that all of the unhelpful beliefs that you have about yourself, the beliefs that keep you stuck and hold you back from reaching your highest potential, are all untrue. Like Peter Crone says,

“If I were to look within your DNA, I would not find it written anywhere in there that you’re not good enough, loveable enough or young enough exactly as you are right now.”

The next time you feel devalued because of what’s going on in our society, consider going within before you try to fix yourself externally. Once you learn to love and accept yourself within, the external parts of you are so much easier to love and accept exactly as they are.


About Rachel Devine

Hi! I'm Rachel Devine, a Holistic Practitioner and the founder of Her Soul Intention. I help you understand and resolve your skin and health symptoms, so you can let go of the fear and confusion surrounding your symptoms, without the need for any elimination diets or strict protocols. My full approach to health and wellness is based on the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge.