What is Germanic Healing Knowledge?

In early Spring of this year, I was introduced to Germanic Healing Knowledge, and I was instantly intrigued because it connected everything that I have learned about the nervous system and how our emotional experiences impact our skin and our overall health on a biological level. In Germanic Healing Knowledge, our symptoms are a result of our emotional experiences.

For the next few months after learning about it, I researched as much as I could about GHK. Every time I, or anyone in my family would experience any type of symptom, I’d immediately look it up, and it was ALWAYS applicable 100% of the time. The more I learned about it, the more fascinated I became, so in September, I enrolled into the practitioners program to become a GHK practitioner.

Doctor Hamer, who discovered Germanic Healing Knowledge, tragically lost his son when his son was 17 years old. Shortly after his son died, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He wondered if his diagnosis was connected to his son’s death, so he decided to research this at the cancer centre that he worked at. Through his research, he discovered that every single male with testicular cancer had experienced some type of major loss leading up to his diagnosis, whether that loss be a loved one, a job, a home… something of great significance. He wondered if other types of cancer had similar commonalities, so he went on to research breast cancer and every other type of cancer. With each type of cancer, the patients had all been through some type of unexpected trauma leading up to their diagnosis.

He went on to do CT scans and found that for each type of cancer, there was a circular marking in the brain in the exact same location. 100% of the men with testicular cancer all had a mark in the exact same location of the brain. This was also true for breast cancer, lung cancer, etc.

He then went on to dedicate his life researching every disease and symptom, and the same applied to each disease and ailment, from diseases like MS, to skin conditions like acne and eczema. Each disease and symptom correlated to the same emotional experiences and the same circular marking in the brain.

He then went on to discover The Five Biological Laws of Nature, that allow us to understand the human body, our diseases and symptoms and their meanings. The Five Biological Laws of Nature demonstrate that what we have considered as “diseases” or “sickness” within the body are actually meaningful biological adaptations to unexpected situations, not from the body breaking down or failing us like we’ve believed. When you understand The Five Biological Laws of Nature (I teach my clients about The Five Biological Laws of Nature in my one-on-one coaching sessions), we understand that we no longer need to fear sickness or disease.

What is a Law?

Well, a theory is when we have an idea of why something might be. Example – How lung cancer is caused by cigarettes, but not all lung cancer patients smoke, and not all smokers get lung cancer. Therefore, this is a theory. A law is when a theory is applicable in 100% of cases with no exceptions to the rule whatsoever. Dr. Hamer was able to prove GHK as a law, as well as each of The Five Biological Laws of Nature. His research studies included thousands and thousands of patients, and his findings were applicable in 100% of his cases. There were no exceptions.

Germanic Healing Knowledge is what I use to understand and treat all skin conditions. It takes the guessing game out of symptoms, and allows us to deeply understand the human body and helps us understand our symptoms, rather than fearing or fighting them!


About Rachel Devine

I’m a Holistic Skin Therapist, Germanic Healing Knowledge Practitioner, Somatic Healing Therapist and a Breathwork Coach. I am here to help you deeply understand and nurture your skin, discover the biological root causes of your skin symptoms, and then guide you to ignite your inner-healing. I’ve been through my own deep healing journey for the past decade. I am now certified in many of the holistic healing modalities that I’ve used to heal my own skin and body. By working with me, I’ll help you deeply connect to your body, so that you can better understand your skin and then heal it for good, naturally.