Why Do I Have Insomnia?

A commmon question for many women is, “Why do I have insomnia?”. It is a common complaint that I hear from many of my clients.

Did you know that insomnia has a biological purpose? 

It doesn’t sound like missing vital sleep at night could be biologically helpful, but your psyche has a highly intelligent purpose for keeping you awake at night.

When we understand the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge, we know that every symptom we experience, aside from those caused by poisoning, mechanical issues and severe malnutrition is caused by a biological conflict.

A biological conflict is a highly acute, unanticipated and unexpected conflict that your psyche and nervous system perceive as a threat.

Immediately upon the occurrence of a biological conflict, your body begins to adapt, initiating one of three biological programs to help you adapt to and survive the conflict in the best, most efficient way possible.

For example, when you experience a death-fright conflict (an unexpected situation that catches you off guard that scares you), your lungs may start proliferating additional cells in order to increase the capacity of your lungs, allowing you to intake more air so that you have a better chance of fleeing (out-running) the perceived threat.

During this time, your body moves into sympathetic dominance, meaning that you are now in fight or flight. Your body and nervous system will stay in fight or flight until the fear is resolved, and your nervous system no longer perceives the situation as a threat.

While sympathetic dominant, you will experience insomnia.


The human body is hard-wired for survival. Survival and homeostasis are your body’s constant goal. Your psyche, your brain and your body simultaneously work together and want you to resolve this conflict, so that you can move back into homeostasis. 

By keeping you awake at night, your psyche provides you with more waking hours. The biological purpose of these waking hours is to provide you with more time to think of or come up with a solution to resolve your conflict as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

If you experience insomnia, you either are awake most of the night, or you sleep for awhile and then wake up around 4am every morning, and can’t get back to sleep.

If you’re experiencing this, pay attention to your thoughts while you’re lying awake.

What are you obsessively thinking about?
What are you worrying about?
What can’t you get off your mind?

Some examples might be:

  • a fight with a loved one
  • a scary symptom or diagnosis that you or someone close to you is experiencing
  • a conflict at work
  • financial concerns

Whatever it is that you’re obsessively thinking about is the biological conflict that’s keeping you awake at night. Your psyche needs to resolve this conflict, so that your body can stop its adaptation phase and move you back into homeostasis. The quicker you resolve your conflict, the sooner you’ll be able to sleep again.


About Rachel Devine

Hi! I'm Rachel Devine, a Holistic Practitioner and the founder of Her Soul Intention. I help you understand and resolve your skin and health symptoms, so you can let go of the fear and confusion surrounding your symptoms, without the need for any elimination diets or strict protocols. My full approach to health and wellness is based on the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge.