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When you choose to work with me, you’re the leader of each experience, not me. I won’t stand before you telling you what to do – as in, there are no strict protocols or elimination diets that I’ll tell you to follow. Following these types of protocols often causes more stress than healing, and that’s exactly what we need to avoid. There also won’t be any supplements or herbs that I’ll attempt to sell you, because those don’t heal you either, contrary to what other practitioners may tell you.

By the time most clients come to me, they’ve already tried several healing modalities, with very little, if any, success. Many of my clients first show up feeling frustrated and defeated. But, as soon as I introduce them to the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge, they begin to see their symptoms and disease through the lens of their own biology, and their symptoms begin to make complete sense.

You see, every symptom that you experience has a highly intelligent, meaningful biological purpose. I know that seems almost impossible to believe, but stay with me…

You already have everything inside of yourself that you need in order to heal your symptoms. The problem is that you’ve been too busy using your logical mind to try to heal, and looking outside of yourself for that magic pill, the magic diet or the magic cream that will make it all go away.

Your entire body originated from two tiny, microscopic cells, and it knew exactly what it needed to do to turn you into the magical, fully-functioning human being that you are today. The main problem in today’s world is that we’ve lost our way. We are living unbiologically and have completely lost touch of and lost trust in our body’s own healing capabilities. Due to our extremely imbalanced society, we’ve been conditioned to forget how powerful we truly are. We’ve been conditioned to question our power, and because of this, we place our entire health in the hands of the very industries that highly profit off our continuous illness, not our health.

I’m here to guide you back to your own power, to hold space for you and help you discover and resolve the real biological root cause of your symptoms. I’m here to teach you the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge, so that you can use this knowledge to heal your very own body, without ever having to search outside of yourself, ever again!

Are you ready for real, ever-lasting change?

Learn the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge

Imagine if for the rest of your life, anytime you had any sort of symptom, you understood exactly what was happening within your body and knew exactly what to do, without any fear or confusion whatsoever, to resolve it. How would that make you feel?

That option is fully available to you through the Five Biological Laws of Germanic Healing Knowledge.

I created this online course to teach you the Five Biological Laws, so that you can take healing into your own hands, without ever having to look outside of yourself again!

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Empowered Health

One-on-One GHK Consultations

Currently Only Offered to Students of My “Empowered Health” Online Course (see above).
60 Minute Session on Zoom | $100 + HST
Students can request a consultation in the ‘Moving Forward’ section of their Empowered Health Course.

Empowered Health